I share a bit of my old designs, two of my favorite Aeropaper’s blog design and wee bit of my internet and web design history. Yes, just a glimpse if I write it down it will be TL;DR and you wouldn’t want that.

I share a bit of my old designs (two of my favorite Aeropaper’s blog design) and wee bit of my internet and web design history. Yes, just a glimpse if I write it down it will be TL;DR and you wouldn’t want that.

I guess it was a week ago or so, I’m sorting my files when I noticed all those caps I saved (shame some were lost). It’s kinda nostalgic to see my designs. I spent hours on those; created out of pure passion of making sites and the subject it was about. I believe I’ve been doing sites for more than a decade already (and it doesn’t show, right? HAHA). I loved creating fansites/fanlistings. I love web designs! One of my biggest passion in life (well, coding is good and all but I continuously have a love & hate relationship with it). And then I learned that my former sites were indexed (archived) in the internets (like why?). I’m actually quite embarrassed to know that they are there and probably will be there forever LOL. :sweatdrop:

Sample of my old site: these four were my former domain’s designs. a.s. studios was my old domain. These sites were more than 5-6 years ago. (Images © Aya Nakahara/Shueisha, IU/LEON, Ai Otsuka/Avex Trax, Atsushi Okubo/Gangan Comics)

My very first site was a geocities site (veterans know this ancient free server) and it was fansite for Fruits Basket (I love Fruits Basket so much then I needed to create one). It had WYSWIG editor so it was easy to learn. But it felt restricting so I decided to learn more about HTML/CSS. I knew the basic already because of this social media site for otaku that required basic HTML knowledge to personalize your profile. Little by little I learn to code, then design. It might be simple but for me it was really satisfying. :rock:

When goecities closed, I hope around free servers (bravenet, freewebs etc.). Then one time a person approached me and told me she (I think we were from the same community and she said she liked my sites) will host me for free—like private server and the shebang. Of course I said yes and this is where my knowledge expanded because I have free rein on my sites. I decided to buy a domain (skycircus is my third domain btw), create more sites and built friendship. I’m still acquainted with these people.

Former Aeropaper’s design. These two are my favorite so far (the one on the left is my all time favorite (took almost two years before I replaced it)

I think webdesign is something that will be with me for many years to come. I’ve witnessed few evolutions of the internet over years so far. The trends were really different from before but it had charm that even sometimes I even missed it (active internet user for loooooong time). But it’s nice to see how much it changed, things became slicker, (user) friendlier, and overall amazing. :loves: