Blogger / incorporating traditional ways to my very digital blogging habits!

It was first scheduling. I love putting everything I did, even if it may seem ordinary but if I consider it highlight of my day, I still take note of it. The only thing I do in advance is schedule, most of them I did it already. And then I’ve tried journaling again. It was bumpy experience since I’ve wanted to do it regularly but it’s been so long since I wrote anything (except signing up papers & taking short notes, I don’t write with pen anymore. In fact the callus on my finger from all the years of being student is gone without a trace). But there something so fun in writing down notes. I mean traditionally, like with paper and pen (or pencil…mechanical pencil is in fact my writing tool of choice). And now that I find my own style, notes became fun & I involve it my blogging too.

It all started with schedule, and now with my renewed love for journaling, I just have to mix it together!

So you know, I do blog schedule. I love planning topics ahead. It still funny how I detested the idea because of how I looked at it before; the “professional” vibe of scheduling my posts gave off & that is one word I’ve never associated with my blogging. But 3 years ago I started streamlining my topics. Then schedule them. Then I spend time writing them off. With the process laid down properly, it felt so easier than my spontaneous habit. I was wrong to think of it that way. And my hobby remains fun even after I started scheduling.

I have to make use of all my cute notebooks, and this seems like a great and fun excuse!

I also jot down topics for the future. I already wrote tl;dr about it, so the burden of running out of topics is now the least of my concerns. I’ve also learned to speak about things that I’m interested in rather than what people like or what’s trending nowadays. And I have my nifty notebook to fill in these ideas. Of course, I also use my phone for it since it’s always with me. But it’s nice that there’s right blend of technology & traditional ways when I do my blogging tasks. ‘Cos blogging is mostly digital but I am discovering ways to integrate my cute notebooks & pens with it.

Discovering a way to incorporate traditional style to my very digital blogging habits!

I know technology is so amazing these days, but there’s huge growing interest in doing things traditionally. As a kid growing up in the 90s I can’t help reminiscing about the good old days. I was journal fanatic back then. Writing my diary (they were all so cute, & I spent my hard earned allowance to buy those diaries with locks ). Fast forward to today, I have made way to incorporate analog ways to make it more fun and effortlessly flawless!