My parents weird motivational speech was all about sibling comparison. “Look at your sister, look at your brother.” But I always refuted it with the same speech, “I’m happy for them but I’m not them. I have ny own way.” I don’t necessarily get jealous, and even if I said it, majority of the times I only said it in jest. I don’t like comparing myself and when it comes to my favorite past time, I do it my way too!

I don’t dig lesser known series because I want to be special.  I have so many popular series that I absolutely love (and I already talked about it before). The popularity be damned, I’m all for the story. So I don’t necessarily stay away from mainstream series. And let me tell you, I’m one of the people who will not judge your options or selections. Your likes and dislikes are yours so likewise mine is mine alone; so I will try series that I genuinely interested in not because of anything else, most especially not because of popularity.

I don’t feel left out by not understanding or connecting to something very popular. If there’s an inkling to try, I will try it regardless of opinion and hype. Maybe instantly or later, but when there’s no interest even if the buzz is loud I won’t try it. I rarely experience “FOMO” there’s no need stressin’ on things I’m not even remotely interested so I could just keep up. I think at this age where most things comes quicker and very accessible, the idea you must have it right now compels us to do it. But sometimes it’s better to wait

Because I’m inclined to try reading or anything for that matter with my interest or needs more than anything else; and is probably the reason why “fear of missing of out” is not on my vocabulary. I think it’s futile to try something because I’m scared I’m out of the loop (unless it’s an information, maybe something life related, then it’s important to stay informed).