Fiction / the predictability of knowing the male lead is unchallenging

Being shoujo fanatic (more like romance genre enthusiast and again it bears repeating) I’ve seen romance stories developed in various ways. One was too quick for comfort. Others had so little development. Some were slow burn romances (and I liked it). But one there’s one thing common in them: we all know who the love interest is. And sometimes I find the predictability unchallenging.

I know romance stories are not just about relationships, characters are important too. But what if it’s reverse harem?

I know that in stories it is imperative to establish characters (even the side characters). Even if it is romance, relationship isn’t the lone aspect it needs to flesh out (and should be); characters are very important. Very much so. I love well created characters, their charisma to lure me in (and mess my emotions) that just shows brilliant writing.  But when it comes to romance, one that suppose to deal multiple love interests isn’t it too much to ask not to know who the heroine will end up with?

It’s the predictability that sucks all the fun, and I’m all for rooting for the boy who’s not a sure win.

I dig reverse harem! I enjoyed even though I knew from the start who Haruhi’s end game, the fun story kinda made it all accepting. But I admit, I also kinda sad about Kaoru and Hikaru’s one sided love. And while it didn’t fail to highlight their young (failed?? ) love, the predictability brought it down a bit, ‘coz we knew it wouldn’t be fruitful to begin with. It wasn’t a waste, don’t get me wrong, it was needed for their characters but the knowledge beforehand sometimes felt like a ploy, just a small step going forward. And that’s why if it’s a reverse harem, I would prefer not to know. Let them be the best contender to win the girl’s heart (Bachelorotte style?? )

Ignorance is bliss; shipping the couple not knowing if it it’s the end game is kinda fun!

Multiple love interests will require massive development and sometimes writers doesn’t have the luxury of time to do this, so this is perhaps a wishful thinking on my part (but here I am airing my whims) but if did it, I think this kind of romantic development ain’t all impossible. I was happy that guy I rooted for Kae-chan was the same guy she ended up marrying. It was a nice ride not knowing the last guy standing. There were red herrings and I almost fell for it but that was part of the thrill I was asking. And it was kinda fun, this time ignorance was truly bliss. So how about making the love interest not too obvious? ‘Coz I love the challenge!