Kinda felt like I abandoned this space after I revamped it for my blog anniversary. And three months in a row all I barely managed to dish out were just my monthly wrap-ups. Actually, I had all the intention to blog but life wasn’t really that good for the first few two weeks of November. If you saw the news, the onslaught of typhoons really took a toll on us; towns were submerged in flood and it was so disheartening that it zapped out my already tiny energy.

I wasn’t in the mood and I didn’t like to pretend that everything was fine when it wasn’t. In the end, days went by & the month was almost over so I’ve decided to postpone my posts for the November instead of cramming them with the few days left for month. Channeling my sad girl phase with One Republic’s “Secrets” as my post title!

The above sounded like I was making excuses of my yet again blogging absence but that was really the reason. So yeah, so another month of no post but December may WILL be different because it is December, and it’s time for my annual year-end specials! I have it all laid down so there was blogging albeit behind the scene! I also planned out some 2021 posts so it wasn’t like I wasn’t productive or anything. 😉 Pretty proud of that little accomplishments!

Reading in November: I always have time to read! And read did I do this month! Some were pretty awesome reads!

So, with the month ending means I’m now capping my year-long reads! It’s that time again to make my ✨ yearly readings stats report! ✨ I also cleaned up my 2020 reading list as well as my what’s my currently reading list (via google sheet) I’m preparing all the bars and graphs which I enjoyed making last year! It was the reason why I was so keen on updating my list! From a glance, y’all can see that webtoons has trumped again as my favored format! A bunch of isekai/time travelling/historical KR webtoons series—it’s currently my fave, I’m in this phase so that’s why! Anyhoo, this is getting longer than necessary so lemme tell you my reads this month!

Mercenary Enrollement
Hello there Mr. Badass MC! <3
  1. | Abe-kun ni Nerawaretemasu – I tried this before (same with all the shoujo manga in this list except for Azusa) and I’ve decided I’m in the mood for some shoujo fluff with your not so typical male lead! I actually liked it; they were so cute couple even though they were so different from each other that it balanced their dynamics! I am planning to read it by volume!
  2. | Asahi-senpai no Okiniiri – it was memorable series for a reason I’d rather not tell! 🙊 I immediately fell in love with the art! It was that gorgeous! But I liked the semi-playboy attitude he had for her and how she—in your typical shoujo manga heroine responded to all his teases—blushing furiously and all the cutesy stuff. Your generic fluff but I love me some fluff!
  3. | Kasasagi Azusa to Shichinin no Teki – I already said this on twitter but I can feel the Koi Dano Ai Dano vibes here but with bigger ensemble! I kinda liked Yabuki and Tsubaki so much better than I “think” were the love interests but then again, we were still so early in the series! And on that note, I read it’s on hiatus so I’m not sure when it’ll be back!
  4. 입학용병 | Mercenary Enrollment – I have requirement that I need to read at least 10 chapters before listing them down but I wanna put it here now (same with Azusa, so far, only first volume is out but it’s on hiatus so I don’t wanna forget about it) but gosh this one was, hands down, ULTIMATE FAVE OF THE MONTH! Gosh, good looking guy with super amazing fights skills, sign me up to his fan club please! 🙆‍♂️ He was caught in plane crush but survived when he was just nine. He became a mercenary after the accident then 10 years later went to return Korea to be with his only relatives left: his grandfather and younger sister! Though he was asked to stay away from fighting that might rouse people’s curiosity, he found out that his nice younger sister was being bullied, as per the goon’s word the twerps hired (‘cos he taught him some lesson after he found about his younger sis & they were out to get him!) to get him “they messed with wrong guy”!!! So awesome!
  5. | Ouji-sama ni wa Doku ga Aru. – it was one my favorite read in 2015 and it has ended for quite a while now but I only got around this month to finish it. In retrospect, if I read it this year, it wouldn’t have landed in my favorites, much less my my top list for the year; but it was good and I saw the reason why I liked it before! I’m on the mood on finishing some my shoujo manga TBR so it was nice to cross this off of my list!
  6. 플레이, 플리 | Play, Playlist – I’ve tried it when it still only has 3 chapters and fell in love with it immediately. The art was unique and very pretty on its own but I’m more invested with the story of the famous SNS user for her music/covers (our female lead) that caught the attention of popular idol (one of the love interests). He wanted to do collab but their first impression of each other offline wasn’t that great but he didn’t know she was the one behind the account he admired! Things are getting exciting especially the second lead finally showed up!
  7. 악당의 아빠를 꼬셔라 | Seduce the Villain’s Father – she was isekai-ed into the novel she read but before the main characters were even born! She became the aunt of the OG FMC and since she knew the events to come, she decided to stop it from happening instead of her sister (the OG FMC’s mother) she was abducted instead by the villain’s father. And to save the father from his demise courtesy of his own future villainous son (and stop from him from marrying the evil witch w/c in turn will give birth to the villain that will kill him), she decided to propose to him instead! I was so cute! But it’s on break right now so withdrawal it is! *sigh*
  8. Team Medical Dragon | Iryuu – Team Medical Dragon – still on Medical Return high so I’ve decided to try this one. I had love & hate relationship with the art, when it came to “serious” parts the looks of the characters were rather soulless—sometimes creepy! While it was good, it wasn’t on par with my fave series Medical Return or even Saijou no Meii!
  9. 토이 콤플렉스 | Toy Complex – she was teased for not having any experience so she decided to get rid of her V-Card and propositioned a stranger! Thinking it was one night stand he agreed but it turned out she was her classmate and she was pretty popular. She never hid her affection to him but his life wasn’t going well so he tried to avoid her as much as he can but we all know what will happen in the end *wiggle eyebrows* plus, the girl was so sweet, maybe a bit naïve! I loved how contrasting their characters were!
  10. 웨딩 임파서블 | Wedding Impossible – older brother is gay so he asked FMC to marry him knowing well his sexual orientation, but the younger brother–who had bro-complex–of this wealthy gay friend was totally opposing their marriage! He was out to break their soon-to-be wedding but the younger brother found out that his older brother was actually gay and now felt sorry for FMC thinking his brother was deceiving her. He turned his tactics differently by treating her nicely and finding her the right man!
  11. 악녀가 사랑할 때 | When the Villainess Loves – if I were isekai-ed into any series I read I’ll probs be like the FMC here! She was so cute with her inner fangirling but can’t blame her as all of her fave charas were just so pretty I can’t help but to fangirl along with her! And the art *chef’s kiss* So! Beautiful! Omg!

Life in November: We all want a better year ahead! At least better than what we have right now!

November 2020 Setup
In lemon & oranges mode!
  • The month started with category 5 typhoon landing in our country then a week later another super typhoon hit us again submerging a lot of towns, cities in flood! I think it reached international news so I think some of you were aware of it. Though thankfully the days or the weeks after, the weather was clear—so grateful. 🙏 The monsoon season’s over so hopefully no more strong typhoons to come! I think we had enough of disasters and we just want to celebrate the Christmas season as humbly as the pandemic would allow us!
  • I finished my adult responsibility, working on outlining all the deadlines I have to meet come 2021! I bought two new planners, yes just planners, I think I’ll stop doing journals in the meantime??? and concentrate more on planning and sched which I’m good at tbqh. I plan to write a post about this, maybe this January? Like I told you I’ve been working on my future posts now! I’m done with some of my annual posts as I directed my productivity energy to working on my blog posts instead of actual blogging! The two planners were intentional—one for my blog/fandom and the other one is for more personal/work stuff! I also plan to dabble on my notion setup too! Exciting times ahead for schedule/planner person that I am!
  • I’m getting terrible migraine every month. I mean, I do get one every month but now was bit more painful…and it last for two days, in and out. I was advised to take iron supplements which kinda helped (maybe placebo effect, idk) but gosh, the older I get, the weirder the accompanying sh*t I have to endure every month! Does it come with age? But the good news is, breakout is over! I do get occasional 2-3 zits during period or PMS but that every other day is over! I think I’m keeping this no frills, less product skincare routine!

Looking forward to December: The Holidays are different this year, let just celebrate Christmas as much as we can…or as much as we’re allowed to. Grateful for the blessings!

  • Tomorrow is December! I went to the mall the other day and despite the lights and decors of Christmas season I don’t feel it that much this year. I’m even asking my mom if we we’re putting up our tree. Our residential building usually put up decors as early as second week of Nov but instead they just painted the walls and renovated some stuff (which is good) but really, this is probably the quietest celebration we will have in recent years? I think we still ought to celebrate but we have to be sensitive about the situation, too. I think it best time to celebrate the Lord’s birth meekly—that’s the reason we have Christmas in the first place, and the commercialization of the holidays had erased that from our minds. So, time to reflect!
  • I already mentioned above but since it’s December, it’s time for ✨ my annual posts! ✨ I haven’t slacked for years when it comes to it, so I’m very pump to work on it. I’m done outlining everything and some are ready for drafts! I have couple of features to put up so I’m quite excited! At least I have something to keep my mind busy! Gosh, we’re about to wrap up the year! Honestly, I’m anxious for the 2021 (traumatized by this year!) but I’m sending my worries to God! As for us, we just have to be brave! Courage on, guys!
Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you 1 Peter 5:6-7