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Me, wide awake alone with my hyper active mind—so thanks Frank Sinatra for this very apt title for my very unlucky situation recently. *coughs* And just like that we say adieu to November,  and in a month 2018 is gonna wave goodbye too! I chuckled at the irony of tweets lamenting the year being way too long. I both agree and disagree. It felt longer with all the happenings but at the same time fast ‘cos here we are, end of the year again.

But going back to my November; it was pretty nice month, amidst some sleepless night I mentioned earlier (I’m not sure what triggered my insomnia never happened this bad since high school (so bad that I had to call in sick ) but I hope it stops already! My 30-something body ain’t having it. Sleep is my comfort zone!!) But anyways, yeah, the month was pretty good to me, not chaotic as October but definitely worth the shout-out!

Change topic, so anyone gotten into the Christmas spirit after all the Halloween events?!! Same! I mean some of my neighbors already have their decorations up and the malls are all full-blown glam up ready for the festivity as early as first week of November (well, there were already up by September but it’s all 100% mode now!) It’s making me smile but woo~ all the expenses coming with the holidays nearing! But I always need to remember, God loves a cheerful giver! So it’s the season of giving, and so we give everyone!!

Blogging in November: Editorial type is the name of the game. And are personal posts gonna be regular thing now?

Reading List in November: Fruits Basket anime reboot made me do it + manga that surely shines like the sun!

catching up with 'ol faves
Fruits basket hype is back!!

It feels like a short list but because I ended up re-reading (finally!!) Fruits Basket after hearing there’s an anime reboot in the works (although I’m a bit sad in a nostalgic kind of way that voice actors/seiyuu from the original are not reprising their roles). It felt eons ago since I watched the anime. It used to be my default TV-show-while-I-eat-my-lunch during summer of my third year in university. And just re-reading it opened the feels department of my fangirl soul like a floodgate! Also, I’ve read a very compelling series about a family and the son that had autism spectrum disorder or ASD for short. I’ll tell you a brief comment about it shortly!

1. 180cm 그녀를 사랑해! Tall Girls Can Fall In Love Too – it’s a lovely complex love story. If the title isn’t obvious enough for you, it’s about a story about a tall girl and short guy. Guy is designer and girl well, she landed herself in some modeling gig. It’s funny and pretty interesting but I’m not really all over it like I did in Lovely Complex but I’m sticking around for more.

2. 천개의 꽃잎 A Thousand Petals – I love the art! I love the obviously digital but traditional water color effect here. And you know already know how I’m craving for more historical stories these past couple of months, and this one is surely one to digest!! With political conspiracies, gender bender angle, (I love me some Mulan-esque) and some romance between a commoner and royalty?? Yes, it has all the ingredient for the perfect & Mitchii approved historical romance drama!

3. Chocolate Confusionguy has a face that can launch a thousand screams…he has scary face so girls tend to avoid him but that’s all there is, it’s just the face. ‘Cos the truth is he’s a pure-hearted salary man. Bearing the scary face, he hasn’t received chocolates not even obligatory ones (well, sans from his mother) not until an efficient and wonderful woman gave him. And it’s not just an ordinary chocolate, it’s a heart-shaped chocolate that says “I Love You,” now the confusion begins!!

4. Hikari to Tomo ni… – I remember for my post graduate education class, I chose Children Mental Health as my topics and one of those I discussed was Autism. And this series made me recalled a lot of topics I studied before. But it was an eye opener to read this manga as glimpse to a life with child with ASD rather than in a medical context the way I knew. It does require a lot of adjustment, but they did it. It is different from what society thinks is normal but it’s not something to be embarrassed about (yes, I’m talking to you snob grandma). It takes patience but it’s not completely impossible. There are so much to learn about them, not just their situation, but also as a person. Pretty good manga, blazed it through it and I was just captivated!

5. 리얼마이웨이 Real My Way – super adorable webtoon series. This one of those webtoons romances that makes me feel so young and swoon-y in very discreet way. Actually there isn’t a huuuge romance angle going on but I can see the subtle details. And subtle details makes me all smiley, and hopeful, and just overall kilig!!

6. Rosen Blood – strange, weird, complicated, and weird again. I kinda dig this one too despite the whole what’s-really-happening-in-this-series-but-whatevs-I’m reading-it-anyway sort of reading attitude. This is a vampire series (or so I think) but really loved the innovative twist that instead of blood they’re crystallizing human bodies and they munch ’em it like candies (um….yeah, TMI I suppose) And like other vampire stories, it’s dark and complicated and I just love the entire premise despite the confusion.

7. Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru – making doll clothes is feminine for our male MC but he got inspired how a girl from his class is proud of what she loves and does not shame people of their interests. And that ignited their agreement, he who is excellent at sewing and she who loves cosplaying but can’t make clothes are the perfect team. I adore the art but I’m not into it, but again I’m sticking around. We’ll see how it goes.

8. Tsukikage Baby – all in all, I really liked this series (although I started this years ago!!) It was so awkward and shaky but I was drawn to it like the proverbial moth to a flame. I dig romance story that subtle yet dramatic, if that makes sense. The series ended for some time now, but I haven’t picked it up and finished it, so wa-lah~ I did! Kinda strange transition of emotion there, girl, but all’s forgiven if ship sailed to canon!

Life in November: In between the sleep deprived days, life blunders as always, and some happy hustlin’

catching up with 'ol faves
Rereading YA faves to make me sleep
  • Comparing it to last month, November was pretty good to me. But like I complained earlier I had episodes of insomnia and it just sucks to have so little sleep time when working with numbers and scripts the rest of the day (you can screw up an entire code with one stray tag y’know), and I hate not getting it right the first time and missed out some details (which I tend to do a LOT of times). Ugh, hope to get my circadian rhythm in the  healthier groove (see what I did there ). Body work with me, OK? Chant with me, “we love sleep,” “we want sleep.”
  • How stupid can I get that I screwed up the most vital information of my government ID?  Yep, true story! So now I have to do it all over again. The time and effort and of course the money!! that went with it are now poof because of my surely honest but definitely habitual mistakes. I’m the type of person who space out or hesitant to give information out. Well, on the bright side my picture looks terrible…but so are my other IDs. My totally un-photogenic self is apologetic. LOL
  • There so much plan in the making for January (I know we’re so ahead, there is still December left for 2018!) but family has plans! Nothing set in stone yet and we’re trying to still iron out the details but if it happens its gonna be so exciting!  Either Plan A or B. Well, I have to work hard and maybe hustle some more. Which reminds me I got me some design project (thank you!! ) It feels like it’s been so long, and my designs are all over the place…so many ideas I want to add and so much cool stuff I want to do but it’s messy (and that’s not my aesthetics) Gotta pull it together! Hustle and bustle!

Looking Forward to December: Christmas! Gifts! The Holidays! Break! And annual posts bonanza gracing the blog once again!

I’m excited for Christmas Break!
  • Of course, we are all excited for December because it’s Christmas! The Yuletide season! You can feel the strong festive ambiance now! Last year we were low-key because it was just me and mom, while my two little sisters flew to Australia for the holidays. But fam-bam is complete so I’m praying for an amazing Christmas day! Now, I have some shopping to do and wrapping up after that. I’m the designated gift wrapper in our family (they say I wrap gifts neatly and nice…or they just too lazy to do the task LOL), but yeah, Christmas shopping! Good thing online shopping is an option.  One thing I’m not a big fan of is the tiring Christmas shopping rush!
  • I’m quite excited with holidays coming ‘cos B-R-E-A-K!! Woo! I want some lazy weekdays and do some fun stuff and just you know laze around all day. I’m not sure if we have plan for the holidays like last year but I don’t mind spending time at home. I’m such a home-buddy and I love my personal space and inactive lifestyle LOL but I’m gonna also use this time to work on something! So there’s that! I think I’m gonna be productive. I hope I do!
  • So you know what December means in my blog, right? Yes, yes, it’s the annual special posts bonanza! You can go ahead and check the other years ‘cos I’ll be doing the same thing. I’m not following my 4 posts/month schedule (maybe a five or six this time…still writing them up) ‘cos I do want to post some of the things I always do every year. But I was thinking of renaming them. I’m not that creative when it comes to post title but we’ll see, we’ll see.
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. — Romans 8:28 | NIV