Mind boggling to know that tomorrow is already December and it’s the last month of the year! I know y’all are excited for the holidays, me included, but before we all get giddy over our Christmas presents and well deserve vacation, let me cap what’s happened in November! So Pretty eventful don’t you think? So many political issues thrown down both local & international and sad to see nations divided and selfish individuals thrive on these misunderstandings! Shame on ‘em! *coughs* RL wise I found new beaus in the form of an otome game! I hereby declare that Mitchii has officially become a Mystic Messenger trash! #notevenashamed #proudfangirl

Blog Headliners!

Pretty smooth blogging month for me!  It was all thanks to my motivated & productive self last October. December is pretty much the same since I’ve already organized everything! That’s what you called efficiency & time management…or something. ^^;

I start the month with the usual one. manga reading recap! I also talked about my stance regarding two. reader personality and favorite characters. Do you agree or not? Sharing some of my three. favorite manga re-read pile to y’all was also part of my month posts queue! And I know my writing is pretty much meh but I still discussed what my four. writing style is and I hope I make you lovely peeps understand the blogger me!  Next up was my gripe over five. ‘one hit wanderer’ authors! Do you also experience this? And another big milestone, six. I just posted my 1000th post! Yep, I talked lots of nonsense already, 1000 posts to be exact! Huzzah! And finally I gave spotlight to one of my favorite shonen series right now seven.—Boku no Hero Academia!

Other fandoms, passion, RL & whatnots:
I love 707 & Jumin! Gif*
    • I’ve been seeing Mystic Messenger on my tumblr dash for months already and I ended up caving in and played it myself. Let me tell you this first—I HAVE NEVER PLAYED AN OTOME GAME NOR DID I HAVE PLANS UNTIL I STUMBLED ACROSS MM. What made it so appealing to me was the real time chats! It’s nice to see notif telling me has chat opened and virtually chatting with these beautiful 2D people. I liked that almost realistic effect haha! I love the calls, the personalities of these characters ARE THE BEST!!! So amazing to play! I’m in my second route right now (Deep Story BTW) and I just assfhjkladsafsxgf!!! But my internet decided to funk up my enjoyment by being so crappy! Anyhoo, I’m an absolute MM trash right now! MR. JUMIN FRIGGIN HAN!!! *salivates* LOLOLOLOLOL!!!
    • Aside from playing Mystic Messenger, I think I’ve been quite productive! Not only did I finish all my special posts for December (yeah, most of ‘em are specials so stay tuned, K?) I already scheduled my blog entries for 2017 and I was so in the mood that one night that I’m good for next 5 months! Yeah, that’s a half year worth of schedules made! I rule!!!! Bow down to the queen!* laughs*
    • Since November is the productivity month, here’s redesign of my webdesign portfolio. I’ve decided a very simple style as usual! Yep, it’s on still tumblr and I love I’m getting the hang of it. Blogger development is still transitioning slowly but steady! Simple design is fine but I want more…but Blogger is just so stubborn I hate it, ugh, ugh, UGH!!!

My Camera!!! Gif*
  • I might’ve broken my camera, I was sorting the chaos that was my bed and accidentally threw my camera. The surface doesn’t have anything broken on it but when I was planning to take blog photo shots (for my Boku no Hero Academia post), it won’t turn on. It might be the battery or I just really screwed it this time! Hahahaha….ha….ha*sobs furiously*
Looking forward to—
  • Holidays! Christmas is upon us people— and as the popular Christmas song goes: it’s the most wonderful time of the year! So I pray that’ll be wonderful one for each one of us!
  • Lots of my series are ending (like Haikyuu!!) but I think I’m slowly liking the series that will air this upcoming winter! So yasss~!!!
  • Bible Verse of the Month: May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. — Psalm 20:4

And that’s it! That’s what happened this November, so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How was November?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!