News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this October.

Ah, I feel like wrapping up October already (fyi: wrote this three days before I scheduled it), although I dread the incoming month, also! Let’s just say that sometimes I get tired at picking up all the lemons on my way—it isn’t thrown at me per se but, yeah. Lemons there, lemons here, everywhere lemons! Life is tough! But I know God is there with me, like what in 1 Peter 5:7 says “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” And I will, the only constant and unwavering aspect of my life is my faith in God. He’s always there. He will always be there. Yosha!

OK, what should I say, I think October went pretty meh but yeah, life happens so I gonna suck it up and try my best! That’s the only attitude I can give to the lemons! (haha, I’m making all these lemon snickers LMAO)

Blogging in October: lucky seven?! Same old, same old!

October marked my blog anniversary. I know that it has rebranded quite a lot but!!! it’s still the old blog with just the new name and policies/mindset/attitude (I’m now referring it to its generic name—the ‘blog’ in the event I decided to rename again). So seven years, huh? Pretty old, ne? Still undeterred and keeping on writing! I don’t know, the passion is still flaming hot! Huzzah! AH! my blog is encrypted! I actually have fancy SSL cert installed on my domain but hadn’t applied to my blog til now. So I did! Now browser isn’t prompting me about security anymore! That shiny green padlock!

I celebrated my blog anniversary with this  motivational post! It’s so funny how my words before still apply to my blogging mojo til today. I also talked about the  fun in reading. Reading keeps me intact, it’s my one and true escape! And for aesthetic pleasing person like me,  I adore these mangaka art styles! Maybe next time, shounen too? Also I decided (for the first time ever!) a birthday post! Yes, I’m freaking old, thirty is old but  the older you get the more life lessons you pick up! Now, getting back to reading I discussed about  reading out my comfort zone—never say never! And finally in conjunction to my anniversary post  I bared my love with words! How words is my solace. The stories I read, the words I write, and the Word of God! Words are great!

Life in in October: should I mention the lemons again?

  • Nah, it sounds like I’m so down but really, October went OK regardless of all these vague lemon sentiments I blurted above. Anyhoo, I celebrated my birthday with sister and my little niece (more like accompanying them on their arcade fun, haha.)  It was OK, you know at this age, you just gonna be thankful about life in general and you treat this day as “semi”—special one. At least that’s how I think of my birthdays since I hit my mid-twenties.
  • I think it’s gonna be the first time ever that I’ll be celebrating the holidays with only my mom? My two younger sisters are spending their holidays in Australia. I haven’t renewed my passport & it’s 5 months due expiration. And I can’t travel because of it! Maybe I’ll renew it in December, and maybe do some traveling on the side?  Yeah, if God allows to, keeping it in my prayer request (and there’s the Japan too—although the September Osaka (Kansai) trip is pretty much laid out.)
  • I splurged some k-beauty products! I think my hormones had gone haywire since last year. I’m having mild bouts of breakouts during that time of the month (and super big ones earlier this year *grumbles*).  I bought some stuff from COSRX (because they’re all the raves in k-beauty com; I got me some AHA whitehead, the BHA blackhead, and rice sleeping mask—because rice is life! And the galactomytes essence), got some innisfree pore clay mask and some moisturizer, from nature republic I think? And now I’m broke! Haha, OK gals, I needs some extra cash, hire me for web/blog design and feed my indulges?! I give discounts to referrals you can save up and use it all! More about this later on!

October Reading List: all these teenage angst + some more!

Hustle to make that GR challenge!

OK, I did some reading as usual (like is this even a new thing?) It’s not as amazing as the last two months but I still did myself proud! BTW, I am way behind my GR challenge of 5 books! Darn it!

1. 青のフラッグ (Ao no Flag) – the type of manga that hit you right in the feels! Ah, I love these kids & their complicated love triangle! Nice, nice!

2. I Love Yoo – this is a fun webtoon, although for some reason I feel like they’re not Korean even though they supposed to be Koreans (their names are). IDK, maybe I read too much Korean webtoons ahahaha!

3. 너의 돈이 보여 (I See Your Money) – think of Death Note, you know death reaper’s eyes, kinda like that but replace it with financial assets! Dadum!

4. 君の膵臓をたべたい (Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai) – I don’t know why I keep picking up hard-in-the-gut slice of life manga! Why, damn you feels~

5. 聲の形 (Koe no Katachi) – eeep~ after many months of procrastinating I read this wonderful, wonderful manga! Next the movie (and my first Kyo-Ani anime).

6. My Dear Cold-Blooded King – english webtoon and like I Love Yoo, it feels off? even though it’s historical Asia…Japan? China? East Asia? setting. The feel is different from Japanese/Chinese/ Korean historical/romance graphic novels I tried. Though it’s pretty interesting! Who is real the king? Dan-dan-dannn!!!

7. 虹、甘えてよ。 (Niji, Amaete yo.) – again, why so tough on the kids, mangaka-san??!!

8. オレ嫁。~オレの嫁になれよ~ (Ore Yome. – Ore no Yome ni Nare yo ) – cutesy, smutty shoujo series….next!

9. ルートエンド (Route End) – oooh` much needed dose of psychological thriller to my reading list! I tried it months ago but I only caught up with the latest volume now! Wow, route end!!!

  • I didn’t re-read a lot (is this great or what??!!) but I did re-read Shokugeki no Soma because I was so excited after watching the first two episodes of season three! Yeah, yeah I know I’m impatient, sue me!

So what’s in store for November: two more months til 2018??!! Preparation! Preparation!

  • OK, I can’t believe that it’s already November!! You know what that means? Yeah, we’re putting the Christmas decoration up, and all the jazz! I’m not sure how the holidays will go but it’s gonna be different with just mom and me on the house! But I’m kinda excited to spend it alone with her, haha.
  • What’s up here in my blog next month? Yeah, it’s gonna be pretty much our usual routine: same thoughts, rambles, and raves! November blog posts are all ready to go! I’m actually writing my December posts now (sans the yearly wrap- up, of course!!) And! And! I also have scheduled posts until April of next year! Although I haven’t written the posts but all my blog topics are outlined pretty neatly! I’m the woman, hear me roar!!!
Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him. — James 1:12 NIV