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How is it that it’s November already?! Every time the news tells us the number of days before Christmas, I’m still surprised how quickly it’s approaching. But let’s stop talking about the upcoming holiday season and focus on the month that was October. So October to sum up was pretty eventful!! *wipes sweat* The month started with what supposed to be my day off turned unproductive day stuck in bed sick. Ugh! Then some banking mishaps, birthdays, and all the adulting stuff that comes with it. Well the end of it all was pretty productive ‘cos I got things done so YAY me!

But overall it was pretty productive, blessed and fun month!  It didn’t start with me in my best health but I got hooked to learning about our immune system courtesy of my Cells at Work marathon! My biology nerd emerging! But more of that later, let’s get this wrap up starting!

Blogging in October: Celebrating Eight years of blogging , more blog talk and a very personal one!

Reading List in October: Catching up with old favorites, getting hooked with these tiny awesome body soldiers’ story and some more!

catching up with 'ol faves
Catching up with ‘ol faves

I didn’t get to read a lot this month (I kinda hinted about how my month went so understandable, yeah?) it also happened that I was in great mood to re-read and catch up. There are tons of series that I put on-hold that it accumulated enough chapters to marathon, I went and delightfully dig in! You know me I’m such a moody reader, I read what I want or what else should I do with this craving haha. But this space if for my new reads so gotta tell what they are instead

1. Abe-kun ni Narewaretemasu • it’s kinda refreshing to see buff guys in shoujo manga. It’s all about lean muscular guys not really buff and well-defined muscles (did I sound like a pervert there? Oh golly!) It’s nice to see all kinda of body shapes and sizes. It’s unhealthy to portray one type—this took a different route and that’s what I like about it. Apart from it’s funny I liked the girl didn’t fall in love way too easily, actually it’s the guy who went and confessed earlier hence the title! Gotta have some more of this!

2. Azufareo no Sobayounin • another historical-fantasy series that got me hooked! I think my historical fanatic self is awakening and it always craves something like this (based on the series I read these past few months). So this one has fantasy element to it being the male lead is shape-shifting dragon. And the female lead is the kind and brave girl despite the circumstances. Loving this one as well!

3. Bringing the Nation’s Husband Home • this is like the Filipino TV drama with all misunderstandings, the overly dramatic mishaps, and semi-devil kind of mother ruining the romance of the two leads. It’s kinda frustrating to read because all this drama will end if they actually sit and down have a conversation like normal people do. But what’s drama-llama without misunderstanding? But the funny thing is I can’t get enough *nervously laughs*

4. Hataraku Saibou • I got sick and I felt really awful spending my precious day off in bed. So to appease myself I ended up re-watching Hatarakou Saibou then afterwards read the manga! And it was awesome. I’d always been good at biology—that’s the branch of Science I’m really good at. And it was so fun learning about our body and got entertained too. Because I’m fast reader and I’m craving for more I also ended up reading the spin-off.

5. Hataraku Saibou BLACK • this is one of the three (?) spin-off of Hataraku Saibou and this one isn’t happy learning thing like the main series is. It’s kinda bleak and eye opening how we put our body in a mess and our little cells still do their jobs to utmost of their ability. The body where the cells are is not healthy. He smokes, he drinks—he has compromised his body and his cells are dealing the consequences to the max. Now, make you reconsider things that may affect your health and these little hard workers in our bodies.

6. Tenju no Kuni • it’s like but reverse the gender. The male lead is a doctor apprentice and loves to help, one day a group of people went to their village and left a young bride. The male lead didn’t know that the bride was his! The setting is in eighteenth century, Tibet. And the art, just like is just mesmerizing. And didn’t I say lately I’m craving for more historical fiction this give me that and some! Pretty good series, gotta read more!

7. Tsumasakidachi no Alice • strangely enough I’m getting the feels and I’m not sure why. Maybe because it’s a love triangle between older guy and same-age schoolmate/friend/childhood friend sort of that case. And maybe the atmosphere is the same (slice of life, light romance)? Maybe! But I kinda like it, it’s pretty new and I only read a couple of chapters but I’m sticking to the series and amazingly I’m not rooting anyone just yet.

8. Yuzuki-san Chi no Yon Kyoudai  • it’s from the same author of ハツ*ハル one of my favorite shoujo manga and now she has a new series and it’s so adorable. I love all the brother love here! I just love reading about the siblings’ ups and down. And even though it doesn’t have any romance in it (hopefully there won’t be in the future ‘cos the brothers’ stories are enough!!) I can’t stop reading it. It’s pretty new, too and I already looking forward to the many chapters ahead!

Life in October: Birthdays, acceptance, blessing, and chaos but understanding that these are all in God’s will.

B-days: good reason for more ice creams
B-days: good reason for more ice creams
  • Gosh, it was pretty eventful. There were lots of head bangin mishaps but plenty of laughs because of these shenanigans. Every time bad happened I should just think that God is just testing me/us and the reason is that He will not give us trials we can’t deal it ourselves and not without the help of God. He’s there with us all the way! I also always forget that it’s so easy to remember that bad stuff but I forget to thank the Lord for the many blessings I/we received this month.  I haven’t thanked the Lord properly but I am so much thankful and God knows what they are! 1 Thessalonians 5:18 – Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.
  • The month didn’t start super duper awesome ‘cos I got sick. I was kinda upset ‘cos I have all things lined up to do that day. So instead of sulking I ended up re-watching then later reading It was so, so good! I also love watching Dr. Hope’s Sick Note’s reaction videos. He’s a doctor in UK and he give us some more details about the episodes in medical context! I do love Science or the medical field but only in study not in the application haha. But seriously go watch his videos if you love Cells at Work, you’ll learn more, his explanations are really good! You’ll learn new stuff!
  • So I got two days day off. One is company off and one is me using my personal leave to celebrate my birthday! It was wonderful to say the least. I think this year, I have come in terms and I’m more open and peaceful with how I deal with growing old I used to hate dealing my birthdays and how it sounded like a clock ticking. But birthdays should be a reminder of being grateful of our lives. So together with the fam, I celebrated my birthday. Eat, conversation and lots and lots of ice creams! Yum!
  • I also revived my old instagram account I added five photos just to revive it. I went in hiding after the blog transition. The new instagram I created is for my family only. I post photos of myself and my family there hence I’m not adding anyone there. But feel free to add me @faieries. I did some cleaning and removed photos I didn’t like anymore. I want it as an archive of my favorite travel photos and some hobbies related.

Looking forward to November: Awaits the incoming cold nights, a month before the holiday and praying for peaceful month ahead!

Sweater Weather Kind of Month
Sweater Weather Kind of season!
  • It’s only one month to go before December and just two months til 2019 comes! Aah! I’m pretty excited and a little bit anxious with what’s ahead. There’s nothing I particularly look forward to the month. Oh maybe watching Boku no Hero Academia: Two Heroes which I was expecting to watch on my birthday but film distributor postponed it. I really can’t watch it during weekdays and then there’s the typhoon coming. But I hope to watch it soon!
  • I stopped watching my Autumn anime. I only saw first episodes of Tokyo Ghoul:re, Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san, Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru. But I might pick them up later or maybe marathon it during the holiday break. I haven’t even started Tsurune: Kazemai Koukou Kyuudoubu () and I always say I’m excited with anything that involves archery. But as you know anime watching is the least of my priority right now. And with my schedule once again slightly changed I just have to delay the watching to give way to what I do love most—reading! Sorry my watch list, I will get to you later! Promise!
  • I haven’t drafted anything for my November posts  but schedules are created (yes, including December which are mostly specials!) but I’m really sticking to my 4 posts per month. I think it’s easier to maintain that way ‘cos even my weekends are kind of jam-packed. I’m not complaining, I love me so busy days as well! I pray for amazing month ahead and I know God is there with us every step of the way! Thank You God!
For I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you. — Isaiah 41:13 | NIV