News / Here's my monthly rundown of what has happened this October 2019!

Gosh, where did the days go? I’m about to go panic mode knowing that we only have 2 months left for 2019! But gotta cut down that “time fly so fast” comments and I will now head over to my monthly wrap up! (I’ve been saying how days just zoom so quickly every month. It’s my recurring opening salvo for years now! *smh* but that’s always the first thing to pops up when I start writing my wrap-up post.)

October was pretty much OK, it was birthday month and all, but some days were better than the others drama of my life kind of situation. So yeah, I can only sum it up with the word OK, but it was OK…the number of ups and downs kinda evened it out so I’m giving it a passing remark! Heh~

Blogging October: Welp, I was one less from my original posts. Procrastination is hitting me hard because IRL!

Again, two posts only. I already prepared my last entry but I thought of just leaving it on my drafts for now. Anyway, cross fingers that I wouldn’t do last minute change of plan for November, and most especially on December where all my yearly year-end posts are at stake! Um, yeah!

Reading in October: A little bit of this, a little bit of that! Gotta need that motivation boost for my books!

버림 받은 황비

Didn’t read a lot this month. I think I maxed out my “super really gonna read it” TBR and left with just “OK, I was considering it so might as well” and this month I had read few manga as opposed to purely webtoons that I’ve been devouring this past few months. Also, with the clock ticking, I’ve decided to pick some of my books (gah, my GR challenge has been begging me to do some novel reading! I started Spin the Dawn few days ago…hopefully if I do finish it, I’ll read Defy Me next, then I’m done with my GR challenge (tall order I must say as my attention span to books has depleted overtime…)

  1. | Boku Datte, Kiss Shitai – I did like the author’s previous work (which is quite memorable as it was my first foray to translating) Anyway, it’s kind nice that the girl is the more outgoing, stronger personality than the guy!
  2. | Kondo wa Zettai Jama Shimasen– I said I gave this genre a chance, so here’s another one and I actually love it. Going back and in time and atoning for her mistakes and staying away from the prince so he and her half-sister can have their HEA without her evil sister persona interruptions. But her passiveness had caught the prince’s attention instead!
  3. 인소의 법칙 | Inso’s Law – I gave this genre a chance (is this even a genre??) so…not as engaging as the others I read…the heroine knew she was inside a web novel and tried hard not to get too close to the characters to avoid getting emotionally attach but it was harder than she thought!
  4. | Kyoudai-gokko – fake sibling romance with dash of love triangle and sibling rivalry: this is what this manga is all about. While it was nice, there’s nothing remarkable here.
  5. 내 학생이 싸이코패스일 리가 없어 | My Student Can’t Be Psychopath – I’ve been seeing this on Lezhin for the longest time yet it didn’t interest me despite that oh-so-intriguing title. The cool thing about this you don’t know if the male lead is really a psychopath or a stalker…or, I mean just a huge fan! It’s comedy in an uncomfortable way haha.
  6. | Once More – from the author of Love like Cherry Blossom, about romantic continuation in adulthood. They aren’t high school sweethearts but there was something unresolved between them. It’s sweet, subtle and very mellow. I love this kind of romance!
  7. 버림 받은 황비 | The Abandoned Empress – Here’s another one and I’m totally hooked! She went back in time to make things right, to save her father and herself from the cruelties of the man she loved! Yes, I’m intrigued! Plus who can resist with all the boys! Also,

Life in October: Birthdays and some more! Working on something that I’m praying to God it will happen!

Birthday’s Special Spread
  • This month is full of celebration so celebrate I did! We went out (‘cos cooking is pain and I had an appointment after work so there was no time, really) we went to this new chicken place near home where they have amazing buttered and salty egg chicken and it was the bomb! My niece was so sweet ‘cos she gave me a birthday card, the only gift I got for my birthday (seriously birthdays in PH be like celebrants are giving than receiving haha) she was very thoughtful! I love niece & nephews!
  • I’ve been walking all over the place because of this something (not gonna say until it’s totally, totally done. Praying for good news here!) but well, we are excited about it. So we’ve done our part so I guess I’ll leave to God for the positive news! If God’s will, it will happen for sure!
  • I’m done with commissions but few days after I received a new one again! I’m excited. I love working on personal blogs because of the personality of the bloggers I work with! Drafting some designs, as well as my own! You know for that hush-hush projects I’ve been hinting about!
  • I had a day off but I didn’t do anything productive, I just lazed around all day. It felt like I needed a complete rest because this month was busy month for me overall so one day of lazy mode wasn’t too much. Blasting on Bruno Mars’ Lazy song haha~ Ah, I also caught a cold again (guys give a mask a go and don’t spread germs great thanks!) but because I try not to make it worst (hot tea, calamansi juice, lozenges, and antibacterial gargle) I didn’t have fever this time. Yes, helping my “cells at work” fighting the baddies!
  • I watched 치즈인더트랩 (Cheese in the Trap) drama and while I wasn’t super into it, I can say I did like some parts and enjoyed it overall. I feel like I’m so hard to please when it comes drama—Especially webtoon turned drama!

Look Forward to November: One more month ’til the holidays! Preparation, drafts and some other things in my to-do list!

Chill Nov Please!
  • I’m wishing for a less busy month. October made me run back and forth to some places so I need that chill month (I also meant that literally ‘cos it’s been hot and rainy cold lately, I just need the right amount of chill weather!) So yeah, that one hopefully happens!
  • Something good news!! I’m waiting for, well, it’s a…secret!! But like I said above I’m leaving it to God’s hand. Although I do pray that it will work out positively ‘cos everyone’s been looking forward to it as well.
  • With my busy schedule for October my drafts are still pending (although I ain’t in a rush, I plan to work it within a year anyways so I have more than enough time) but the excitement is still there so I think I’ll be pushing it, still. Once the workload fizzles and if I can squish it while working on commission then yep, it’s still a go!
  • Gotta prepare my annual year end posts! I want to draft my posts for December next month (except the throwback year-end post) if the last few months were an indication, I tend to set aside scheds if I’m too busy, so yeah, gotta be ready for all the specials!! *beams*
And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart. —Luke 18:1 | ESV