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I think I deserve a pat on the back because...


I think I deserve a pat on the back because October perhaps is my most successful month yet! (ah, self don’t jinx it!) I managed to post everything in time; I even add a last minute addition with my anime first impression! I really liked how this month went in terms of my blogging groove. Granted almost all posts were written already even before the month hit (except for first impression and WOMRL) I must say I feel super accomplished to be blogging in such a more relaxed yet very productive routine! 17 In fact I already finished drafting all posts for November (yeah, I’m super in the effing groove~ I love it!) and December posts are already planned out (since few posts are my yearly specials!). My sixth blogoversary did help me pump up the blogging mood! 19

Blog Headliners!

Just in case you haven’t visited my blog for the entire month, ze blog is sporting a new look. My first time doing two sidebars and very simple footer! I liked the magazine-esque look of it!


Now onto the posts: I started the month with a special anniversary post: So I just compared the one. newbie blogger Mitchii to the older albeit none wiser self! A lot of changes but nothing regrettable. Then your two. monthly manga reading recap! I’m warning you October was super fruitful manga reading month for me so WONMRL this November is full! Yep, there are tons to share! And speaking of reading, I shared my view on three. unrequited love. Sad endings aren’t all that bad. Also, I bombarded your feed with more awesome (the part two) four. sports/competition-based graphic novels! Anyone needs some recs?! 8

I also let you peek in to five. my blogging routine via my tools. Simple yet efficient is my style! Also, I confessed that I’m very six. relentless reader who sometimes doesn’t give any second chances. Are you like me, too? Slice-of-life fans shouldn’t miss my recommendation for seven. Amaama to Inazuma. Haven’t tried it, what are you doing then? Chop! Chop! And then finally, eight. your seasonal anime first impressions! Which ones are your favorites so far?

Other fandoms, passion, RL & whatnots:


  • Highlight of the month definitely Animax Carnival. Honestly I hesitated attending because of the then upcoming typhoon. But it was somewhat a clear weather, a little rainy but generally OK! As I said this was my first time attending an anime convention and I’m happy to say it was a blast! Animax (pan-regional anime channel) program for the event was very fluid and organized (unlike conventions or events I participated before, I looked exhausted & it wasn’t even starting). 9 We went there like almost noon already (volume peaked (like it tripled!) at late afternoon when cosplayers arrived); since my sister & I got there quite early, we got to play some games (which we suck!) and did some karaoke! Gawd, we were nervous bcos the screen showed KANJI! Yes, kanji!!! 2 Haha, we managed to get by. Overall solid first time! I def want to attend next year! I didn’t plan to post a recap or anything because I want to enjoy it as an attendee/anime fan & not as a blogger!
  • Of course my birthday, a simple dinner courtesy of my sister. Ugh, I’m now suuuuper old. But thank you genes (and maybe height? I’m a short person) I can disguise my real age! LMAO


  • Autumn Anime!!! Oh my gosh~ I love, love Haikyuu S3. 21 The animation and the execution of the scenes are super awesome! The OP & ED! Slay!!! (and have you seen the 4th ep? Tsuki!!!) Based IG! I also loved 3-gatsu no Lion & Watashi ga Motete Dousunda! And hopefully we’ll get to watch Bungou Stray Dogs episodes featuring the guild arc! And I go gaga over Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari’s cuteness! So far, autumn anime series are really good~ 10

Looking forward to—

  • I should be over the moon gleeful for the upcoming month only if my travel isn’t thwarted by my being poor. I kinda used up my travel budget for this upcoming trip. When the visa application was looming upon me & my papers still incomplete, I decided to postpone it 20 (that goes my plane ticket) til I have confidently complete papers than forcing it and with high chances of getting rejected. See, if I get rejected now I won’t be able apply after 6 months! (so long!!!) So yeah…not truly wise. Anyways, spring isn’t a bad season to visit Japan, yes? Cherry blossoms~23 (and no, winter isn’t fit for me, I’m tropical dweller my body isn’t made for too much cold!)
  • As I said November schedule is good to go! I loved that I already planned out everything even before October ends. 7 The only lazy aspect of this I was so not in the mood to take pictures or whatnot! Just so hassle so I probs max out my stock photos in no time LOL!
  • I want a simple & very professional look for my tumblr portfolio! Time for more lessons!
  • Bible Verse of the Month:  And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. – Philippians 4:19 NIV

And that’s it! That’s what had rolled down this October so now I turn over to you beautiful people: How was October?! Fun? Exciting? Whatever that is, share it with me!!!

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