Author: Anna Banks
Series: (Of Poseidon #1)
Published: May 22nd 2012 by Feiwel & Friends

I’m not sure if the number of books I’ve read of this these kinds that I easily figured it out what Emma was. From the get-go I know she was a half, which was the reason why she has this ability and at the same time still has human qualities (I just didn’t like how it play around the fact, how it held back the information. It was so obvious.) The utter predictability of Emma’s identity is not really my main issue here. In fact, and in the book’s defense it has some secrets that I find really interesting. So much, that I am sure I’m gonna pick the sequel of this series. But the entire reading experience had me irritated. It was a little messy for me.

I don’t know what’s up with the characters here, because each one of them kinda gave me whiplash. They were really hard to understand, and they don’t have any distinct qualities that will make them memorable. If weren’t for Emma’s ability to ability to communicate with fish (or any aquatic creatures), her blonde hair, pale skin and violet eyes, (purely physical traits) I wouldn’t even remember her. Even Galen, I don’t understand him, hardly notable. I don’t know what to make of them. The adults here, I don’t get them. The need to pretend they were dating, like that’s the only explanation possible. Pffft. And don’t let me start with Galen and her mom’s first conversation, spell awkward. Really? Seriously? And Rayna? Wow, this girl has some serious anger management issues. I wouldn’t dare go close to her, especially if I’m around windows (hurricane proof windows).

Despite my huge issues with the characters, I find the mermaid lore interesting. They were syrena, not mermaids (they don’t like the term) and they needed someone who has the gift of Poseidon. The one who can communicate with fish so they can feed their people (syrenas). When Galen saw Emma talked to the shark (while saving her best friend) he suspected her to be the one. I told you, I know what she was way before it was revealed. But of course it’s not only proving my hunch if it was right, there’s more to the story. So I was waiting for the ‘more’ part but some of things here reads trivial, unnecessary. Although I kinda like the whole Triton, Poseidon stuff and the Atlantis history, giving it a fascinating twist.

I find the last tidbits of the book as the height of the story. Galen thought his problem was over when his brother found his mate. But it didn’t exactly turn out as expected; for starters the girl was a fake-o. But the biggest and the real reason why I’m gonna read the sequel is…ok, sorry I’m not gonna say but it has something to do with Emma’s parent. I think I’ve said enough spoilers.

All in all, it was an ok read. I have problems with the character but not really that massive (as in huge, huge). They were bearable but they’re certainly a messy group of people/syrena/half-breed. I’m cutting them some slack. On a personal note, I would have preferred if Grom has more page-time than the measly amount he had here. I don’t know, I’m really interested in him than the rest of the characters. Hopefully, he’s not like them. Hopefully…