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みなさん、こんにちは! Do you like manga? Check out my recommendation here:...

みなさん、こんにちは! Do you like manga? Check out my recommendation here:


Hi, welcome to Oh Genki! a regular feature here at Aeropapers. Aside from reading western books, I also happen to be a big manga (& anime) fan. Manga (コミック) is a Japanese word for comics. There are thousands of manga out there in every genre. So here I’m putting some spotlight to those that are worth plugging.

This is going to be a little different from the previous format I posted before. I decided that it is much better if I gave a little bit of my opinion about it, hence the version 2.0. If you didn’t know I’m huge anime and manga (more of the former since I love watching and hearing them, yes: 私はアニメが好きです。) Now going back to the topic, it took me a while to choose which I will pick for this month (although that schedule is not final, I might do it more frequent than that). But my conversation with Elizabeth prompted me this idea to feature none other than the series with the longest romantic development ever (that’s just me  :rock: )—SKIP BEAT! (スキップ・ビート!) by Yoshiki Nakamura

Series: Skip Beat! (スキップ・ビート!)
Author: Yoshiki Nakamura (仲村佳樹)
Publisher: Hakusensha (also by Viz Media in English)
Magazine: Hana to Yume
Original run: February 15, 2002 – ongoing (Bi Monthly)
Genre: Shoujo (Humor, Realistic Fiction, Romance)

Summary: Kyoko has devoted her life to Shotaro. When Shotaro came to Tokyo to debut as a singer, she followed him and worked to provide for him. But one day, Kyoko overhears Shota telling his manager that Kyoko means nothing to him. She’s just convenient, a housekeeper. This makes Kyoko furious, and she vows revenge on Shotaro. But Shotaro just laughs at her, saying she won’t be able to touch him because he’s now a popular singer and she’s a nobody. So Kyoko decides to get into showbiz and become even more popular than Shotaro to humiliate him. Unfortunately, Shotaro has destroyed Kyoko’s ability to love, and she discovers that it is a prerequisite for her to debut from her chosen company, LME. The president of LME puts her into a new section made for those who caught his eye but have something missing. It’s name… Section Love Me. (Anime News Network)


Ramblings: My sister loves this manga and she was the one who convinced me to try it out. And I was madly in love with it. So if you want a story about a girl who had a make-over both physically and emotionally then you’re in for a treat with Skip Beat! This is one hell of a funny series, too. I laughed so hard with Kyoko and her antics just to attain her goal to become great actress and bring down Sho (her childhood friend and first love who brought out the new Kyoko). But even though she wasn’t initially planning to become an actress it was destined for her to become one. But she didn’t get into show business that easily. She became a member of Love Me (a sort of department for newbies like her who lacks emotional depth according to the company’s president). And as the story progress you will definitely see how Kyoko matures and become the actress that she really is.

Now this is a shoujo so expect some lovey-dovey moment. But don’t expect those insta-love variety because none of that here. Like I said in my introduction, this manga has the longest romantic development ever!! Because of the rejection she got from Sho she sealed her feelings somewhere deep (deeeeeeeep) inside. But Ren, a super sexy, great actor of his generation didn’t like her reason why she joined the industry…at first. Because he was starting to feel something for her and he didn’t like how Sho being her motivation whether it is in negative context. Oh gosh Ren, you sexy beast!

My favorite character is Sho. Yes, the same jerk who did some major douchebaggery to Kyoko. I always defend as to why he’s my bias: because of Kyoko’s hatred whenever they are together they sort of explodes. I liked their bantering it’s so lively and hilarious. But don’t get me wrong, I love Ren and Kyoko together. I just like Kyoko and Sho’s sort-of-foreplay-but-not-really interactions.

Favorite Chapters (Story Arcs) So Far: Definitely the Karuizawa Arc, the fact not only Shotaro is there but also Vie Ghoul’s lead Reino. And Valentine’s Day Arc and yes, one again it’s because of Reino & Sho!

Chapters:  So far it has 200+ chapters and still on going. It is indeed a long series for a shoujo series but don’t worry it doesn’t feel stretch out. When you marathon this series you will feel that it was still short because the story is so enjoyable.


Other Media Format: It has 25 anime episodes already out. And a Taiwanese live drama featuring Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon as Sho and Ren respectively, with Ivy Chen as Kyoko. I liked the anime a whole lot better than the live action series due to awkward adaption of it (it was too literal and the humor was injected poorly to the drama. There are things that are better off as an animation). But because Donghae is there, I watched the entire drama series (and well, they remained faithful to the original material).

It has Mitchii’s highest bento rating. It has delicious components that will satisfy your awesome shoujo cravings!

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