Life Lately

I’ve realized that we’re four days in December, and it felt like November zoomed out just. like. that! I was bit busy last month with work, some personal projects, pondering on ambitious ideas, and few little new obsessions. So I thought maybe I will do some quick update about it!

Workspace did that long overdue revamp! I was busy painting and such (but of course it isn’t as ✨ aesthetic ✨ as all those desk spaces I look longingly & lovingly in pinterest and instagram! But it looks cleaner now! I’ll probs gonna buy new & bigger monitor soon (haven’t replaced this ancient but sturdy one for ages!) And my sister pledge to buy me this ergonomic keyboard.

I found some new obsessions! 💖 So in love with designer / illustrators youtube accounts! Just pretty-ful and inspirational left and right (but yours truly don’t have the time, and eye strain nausea is real and it’s WORST!) So I avoid doing any screen time after work hours (hence I don’t accept commission anymore) anyhoo! Also super love this local husky youtube account (all thanks to my sister introducing it to me!) I just love dogs!

I have secret project! Maybe when I finished this project (which is taking a while, lots of things happened last month! Squishing some time!) And before I forget, yes Red TV is on repeat! That 10 minutes version doesn’t feel that long. Maybe I will post about it some other time.