Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii shared the 2nd round of sports/competitive theme manga series!
I can’t promote Kono Oto Tomare enough! It’s one my favorite series right now. #animewhen? この音とまれ! © Amyuu/Jump Square/Shueisha Inc.

Wow, I can’t believe that it’s been almost over a year since I debuted this little monster. And I left a note there that I had plans to have a part two of that! And let me tell you I have already chosen which ones I’ll be giving the spotlight to; but at the last minute I decided against it because I thought of making the sequel a wee bit different. 14 I thought of giving attention to other competitive/tournament types or even non-athletic types (and by that I meant not your typical sports like basketball, volleyball, baseball etc., etc.!)  And maybe, just maybe you’ll get to read them because dudessss (and dudettes~) they’re 100% amazeballs!

Kono Oto Tomare

Kono Oto Tomare 「この音とまれ!」 — It was instant hit, the first chapter? I was completely sold! Hook, line, and sinker! MC, Chika was just really relatable, granted my personality is miles different from his but I’m so invested on his life, how he wanted to redeem himself and to prove to people that he is able to change for the better. 19 He’s the misunderstood type but as the story progressed the character growth is undeniable! His love for koto is just so apparent. And the club members evolved from just a mere club members—the way they pull together to elevate everyone is just *clenches chest* I’ve already dedicated an entire post for it! Seriously, I can’t recommend it enough! Please guys give it a read already!

Ballroom E Youkuso

Ballroom e Youkuso 「ボールルームへようこそ」 — Oh my gawd, I’m so in love with this series. Sometimes when I feel like not reading new series, I just select one from my go-to reread series and this one is definitely part of that humungous pool! Ballroom E Youkuso as the title suggest is about competitive dancing! At first I was attracted to its very beautiful volume covers. But that’s only the tip of iceberg. My gwad! It’s so beautiful inside too. The art? Delectable! The characters? Everyone is a favorite! (like hell that’s hard to pull off, props to the author!) And that story? Hooked me from the very first page! 9Tatara may start like your typical shounen MC with this kinda loser (hmm, I think I’m bit harsh) pushover attitude but damn hell, his passion for dancing is just admirable! I love how he grew chapter after chapter! I’m kinda sad that the series is on hiatus (due the author’s health) nevertheless I’m here waiting patiently! It is definitely worth waiting for!

Ginban Kishi

Ginban Kishi 「銀盤騎士」 — You know what unlike some shoujo that uses theme as an embellishment to the romance rather than a solid subject of the story, josei do it better (sometimes so much it feels like shounen/seinen *coughs* Amakusa, Bokura no Kiseki *coughs*). And Ginban Kishi I believe is one of them! Figure Skating is nothing new—there were tons of it already out there. Heck, Ginban Kishi is spin-off of Kiss & Never Cry, but unlike the prequel, this one is super-duper better! I love how the competition goes, while it also spares time for the romance (which I DON’T DISAGREE BCOS KOKOPE NEEDS HIS LOVE-LY TIME TOO!!! 2), Kokope is one and true figure skater! He ain’t just prince because of his looks! Damn he’s good too, you know!

윈드 브레이커

Wind Breaker 「윈드 브레이커」 — I already said few nonsensical lines here but tbqh I preferred this little guy than the monster title, Yowamushi Pedal! I mean, I adore the latter too but there’s something more, I can’t really explain, but more enticing with Wind Breaker! I love the gang isn’t exactly the same vibe you get from sports group like super united kind of team—there’s some sort of unsteady aspect about their relationship thus making it more interesting and giving them more room for improvement! Plus, the competition they were in isn’t academically sponsored. Their biking is more of a street type (a bit dangerous—hell for sugarcoating, it’s dangerous!!!). 11 And come on, the way they maneuver their bikes are beast!!! Love it how cool the vibe of this series! And I kinda liked the romance aspect too, so there is that! LOL

Sangatsu no Lion

Sangatsu no Lion 「3月のライオン」 — Ok, I haven’t read it but my sister does and from the looks of it, she’s totally enjoying it. So I decided to include it despite my very limiting knowledge about it. But I’m huge fan of Umino Chica’s writing. She is a type of author who handles character development like a boss! She’s a master in my eyes! Her writing is subtle yet profound! I’m pretty sure (and I can say 100% with utmost assurance that I will like it) that I will fall in love in love with it, too! 14 And it’s about shogi, or Japanese chess. I may not be very good at chess but I defeated the person who taught me (hi there sis!).

ETA: I read few chapters today as I thought I liked it! Never doubt Umino-sensei’s delectable writing!

And that’s it! I guess yours truly is also in need of new and somehow untypical sports series! 23But guys I hope you all try these fellas, they’re good! I thoroughly enjoyed them, because the one thing I love about sports theme series are the characters, their evolution/growth especially for some who are newbie to becoming one true sport person! 23 And their passion is really commendable! Something that I always love about sports or competitive theme series! And I might write a third installment, who knows.

Here’s a trivia: with the exemption of Jo Yong-seok, the lone manhwa title there (Wind Breaker), the four manga are all written/illustrated by women!  So bad-ass, huh?!

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