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Title: On a Dark Wing Author: Jordan Dane Expected publication:...

Title: On a Dark Wing
Author: Jordan Dane
Expected publication: December 27th 2011 by Harlequin Teen

I received an eARC from Harlequin Teen via Netgalley. Thank you.

When I first saw this book, I was really intrigued. Because—look at the cover, plus the summary. It sends out some eerie vibes to it. It really left my curiosity sated. So I was really glad that it was available on netgalley, and more thankful that I’m granted to read it in advance.

“I cheated Death and lived past my expiration date, but my lucky break would come at a price. I’d become obsessed with happened the day that I got my mother killed.”

When I read the prologue, specifically that line I was prepared to entangle myself to the mystery of this book. I was really excited, I love solving mysteries. I love to witness how the unknown will unfold. I’m a sucker for those. But disappointingly, it didn’t exactly deliver what I have in mind. What I expected. The first half of the book was tad uninteresting. The plot moved pretty slow. Too slow. So I struggled a bit. I’m quite relieved that the characters were ok—Nate, Abbey and even Tanner. They’re not really that attention-grabbing but they weren’t completely bland. I saw some spark with their characters. But it didn’t wow me, it was so-so. I’m a type of reader who preferred characters with zest. And they kinda lack a bit of that. I don’t know, maybe this book was a bit—for me—serious? So maybe that’s how I took their story. So it does kind of soften the enjoyability factor for me.

I found the book quite heavy. Like there’s a lot in there, and I find it hard to connect them all. Maybe the real problem is me. Perhaps, I’m not used with these kinds of books. I kept setting it aside, because like I said before, the story was dawdling for me. All the excitement I have before was sort of diminished. But not entirely, ok? There are still some key points in there that pushed me to read it till the end. I really wanted to know about Death, and Nate, or the real score about her mother and so on. So when I finished it, I was quite pleased. It did pay off after all.

The romance was a bit average for me. On second thought, I think it was a bit weird actually. Another typical case of instant love. Twice. Nate’s not bad. Tanner’s ok. Though I like Tanner better. But…ok, this is a bit spoilerish but after her major crushing with Nate I find it unbelievably fast that she moved from Nate to Tanner. The transition was quite off and completely peculiar. Hormones reason aside, even though Abbey claimed that her feelings for Tanner were incomparable to her feelings for Nate (she has “stronger feelings” for him than Nate), I just find it inexcusable to hop in to one emotion to another. Realizing your emotions isn’t exactly done in a snap of your fingers. There’s hint in there (something more than friendship) in fairness, but it was still all abrupt for me, hence not liking romance part of the book.

And poor Nate, he was just a wake-up call for Abbey. So I’m kinda sad for him.

Overall, it was an average read for me. There were good moments and there were…not so good moments. I still enjoyed it but not as much as I expected myself to be. Still recommendable though, particularly to those who like paranormal mystery on their reading palette. Then you’re on the right track, you might want to try this one out! 😉

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