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I didn’t wake up one morning and told myself ‘I’m...

I didn’t wake up one morning and told myself ‘I’m gonna be book blogger!’ But the idea had been in my mind for so long. Before this blog was officially launched, I have semi-personal/fandom blog but when I noticed that bookish talks seemed to have dominated the space, I rethink. I axed the other blog and made a brand new one, so this book blog was born. But it wasn’t an easy decision. Countless of times I asked myself ‘can I maintain it?’ ‘What if this book obsession was temporary?’ And lots more. I’m a type of person who doesn’t like to start something if I know my interest wasn’t completely in there. But I knew for sure that I have come to love reading and I needed an avenue for my running thoughts. My mind can’t hold it any longer.

The pondering didn’t stop once I made up my mind. There were still things I need to think about, especially on the blog itself. The first few posts, it was kinda on a trial run. Once I knew I’m in it for the long haul, I decided to trim around the edges and made it official, but the decision didn’t stop there:

The Name

The name of our blog is important, yes? It’s our own brand and in most cases I actually know the blog’s name than the blogger. The decision with this one however wasn’t exactly hard. I knew what I wanted when it came to naming my blog. I wanted a one word, quirky, if possible memorable but does not sound generic and predictable. I played around the word paper airplanes (paper represents the books and airplane is my love for cute things). But I wanted one word, so I sort of merge them—somehow. So Aeropapers was the result!

(On the side note, I’m thinking of buying a domain name but I haven’t made up my mind. Ugh, another round of pondering!!)


I’m in a private server (hosted by Three Words) even before I started book blogging so by default that my thought went to WordPress immediately. (So yes, I haven’t tried Blogger, like ever!) I love the freedom I have! So this one was an easy decision to make.


I only know how to design websites and even that my knowledge isn’t extensive (far from it, even now). When I first started snooping around the WP codex I was so intimidated. PHP strings as far as the eye can see and it was so scary. So for the first months I decided to just use pre-made themes and tweaked it. But it just won’t do. I want my OWN design! So I tried to teach myself the basics, thank goodness for tutorials because without those I’ll still be using pre-made templates until now.

  • Colors:

I was using different colors before: violet, blue but I always go to pink because I like it. Now I decided to make that color a permanent and major part of my color palette. And I want readers to associate the color with my blog even if I change the theme in the future.

  • Graphics:

I used books before in my header because duh, it’s a ‘book blog’ I have to represent the category right! But it was too cliché for me. I decided to use paper airplane to represent my blog (I know it’s cliche, too but it’s better than book). Kinda part of my logo. So don’t surprise in my next change there’s still a paper airplane flying in there!

These are some of the thing I’ve thought when I’m just starting. I think some became fixture in my blog and some eventually changed as I progressed (for the better I think). But I’m pretty sure I made the right decisions for my blog. My blog is so important to me so I need to think of the best that fits to my want (did I made sense? LOL)

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