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Author: Samantha Young Series: (On Dublin Street #1) Published: December...

On Dublin Street Author: Samantha Young
Series: (On Dublin Street #1)
Published: December 31st 2012 (first published August 31st 2012)
Publisher: NAL Trade
Categories: Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

When it comes to adult book I liked it best when it also offers humor and an actual plot aside from the expected sexy moments. On Dublin Street by Samantha Young shines best when it comes to that. I enjoyed the quirkiness of the female lead, Joss, despite her sarcastic comedic antics serve more as a defense mechanism rather a personality trait. Like the others I’ve read before, Joss has been scarred by tragic events in her life and she treated it by putting up walls, not allowing people to get close to her. Now enter Braden Carmichael, hot Scotsman who’s willing to put those walls down and getting some hot and heavy stuff with her in the process.

If you scan reviews you may notice the much hype and raves surround this one and I can definitely understand why they gave this book an impressive remark. ODS is a fun and sexy read. But it wasn’t really that addicting read to me. The intimate scenes are well written and scorching hot if I may so. There’s an actual plot instead pages after pages of sexual tension and well, the sex itself. But it didn’t grab me completely thus giving it an average rating. But don’t fret, I didn’t mean it was awful, on the contrary it is safe to say that Ms. Young’s adult novel is one of the better ones in this genre. And if you want your fictional guy dominant…in bed…and everything else who has an actual personality and has a not so completely tragic life you might end up adoring Braden. But for me, he came formulaic for me to love or just to enjoy his character. He’s just ok for me.

I noticed that most characters that have issues with their lives ended up bottling their problems but once the guy enter the picture, the guy only needs  is to sweep them off their feet and it will miraculously healed them. Very unbelievable, right? So I liked that it takes Joss some time before she eventually open up with Braden. Attraction does not equate trust. It took a lot from her to open up and let people know her intimately in an emotional level. I even commend Joss for actually seeking professional help, meaning she’s actually aware that she has problems instead of ignoring the issue by pretending it didn’t exist. She already dealing the death of her family and her friend in that method acting as if it’s nothing wrong with her. So I’m glad she finds other ways to resolve her problem (the panic attacks that has connection to original one).

What left a bitter after taste for me was their first meeting. I don’t know with you good people but I’m very cautious of people around me. Not that I’m paranoid or something. I don’t talk casually with people I’ve just met. So if I ever met someone despite he’s a Greek god personified physically but he talk to me rudely that will scare the hell out of me (and I’ll walk…run away from that person). I probably won’t have the mind frame to ogle at him when he scares the wits out of me particularly if he talks to me with obvious sexual innuendo. This is how Braden and Joss met. It may be started with a little flirting but really? How about you? I really don’t like how they met, despite the palpable tension.

What I thought was brief review turned out as a full one. Anyway, I did enjoy this book with several complaints but in totality the positive weighs down the negatives so I’m giving it a middle score. I thought the book was a standalone, when I decided to add it on GR that was then that I found out that it has a sequel (and novella in between book 1 and 2). The ending was clean; it’s an HEA to top it all so I was really surprised to see there’s another book in the works. I hope there’s really more story to tell than cashing in the popularity. Because that always ruin a good story, just look at Mortal Instrument.

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