Regular / In which Mitchii recommends one of her favorites: Our Relationship Is... by Lee Yuniji.
On Spotlight: A special post where I feature some of my favorite reads! Apart from my occasional “great rec post!” I’m also keen on giving full or in-depth post on series: may it graphic novels or in the future books that I truly loved. And perhaps you might pick this up and read it, too!

It’s gonna be webtoons series for the next couple of months, I’m telling you know. I’m so obsessed with them right now, and it helps me get familiarized with hanguel—you know how I study: I submerge in to the unknown (as more exposure I get, the easier for my head to retain those information) *coughs* And I get distracted! Anyhoo~ for this month I’ll be featuring the ever sweet webtoons romance series called 우리사이느은 (Our Relationship Is… (also known as Something About Us) by 이연지 (Lee Yuniji). Published by Lezhin in both Korean and English!

This is a story about two friends—best friends. Gooyoung and Woojin weren’t buddy-buddy at the start. They were pretty closed off but one thing led to another. Woojin decided to be friend her; and even though she was reluctance at first, Gooyoung opened up to him bit by bit. Then they became super close but Woojin went to military (if you’re Korean entertainment stans you know that South Korean male (age 20 – 30) must attend their mandatory military service) and she went to college. And when they met again something about them—changed.

지겨올 만큼 오해도 많이 받았지만
결국 가장 절친한 녀적이었고

낯가리는 내 성격 때문에 내색진 않았지만
졸업 후에도 같이 다니고 싶었는데..

— Gooyoung (우리사이느은, Chapter 1)
* Official Translation: Everyone was always making guesses and driving me crazy, but he was my best friend anyway, And although I didn’t tell him, I was shy and wanted him to be around even after we graduated..

우리사이느은 2
우리사이느은 2

I love best friends who fell in love with each other kind of stories. There is something so solid with their dynamic even though at first it was all very platonic. But the transition of being just friends to more than that is what fascinates me. And this is what 우리사이느은 had successfully presented. I loved how hesitant the two of them were. I mean, they were about to jump into something that may break their already firm relationship. The things that amused me was that they were adamant before that they didn’t see each other more than friends. It puzzled them that people gave them labels but then it just, well, it happened! With her Gooyoung’s changed, I really felt  her repressed feeling for him. She was the first one to have realized that her feelings for him developed romantically. And what was heartbreaking was the guy was interested with her friend first. And that friend doubted their relationship because she was jealous of how tight knit they were! So what’s the girl gotta do?

우리사이느은 3
우리사이느은 3

The thing is the guy has reason why he was so sorta opposed to it. He came from family that made him doubt if relationship does last. And he really treasured what they had today. But I’m glad he sorted out his issues. To be perfectly honest, I was really rooting for Gooyoung in this (more than Woojin). And I really understand why she tried to move on (albeit very, very uncertain—because she knew how hard is to have unrequited feelings): and because all those people trying to keep them apart and judging her relationship with him. Where is her place in all of that? And if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think Woojin would even realize what was there all along.

Ah~ such a nice story, this one! And while I sound so melodramatic in rehashing some of the events, I’ll tell you that it was pretty light drama (I read the entire series already—official English translation is ongoing…me thinks. Oh there’s a spin-off me thinks about O-hyung & Chanhee—not a fan of ’em so not sure). Continuing, I absolutely loved how awkward they were at first. I mean they came from something so comfortable or so at ease to now something fuzzy and brand new—of course they were little unsteady. But it was shown gradual, almost realistic and I enjoyed every bits of it!

And stories of best friends falling in love always make me happy! And this one made it just nice and sweet with dash of tears—sometimes happy tears! Highly rec!

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