On Spotlight: A special post where I feature some of my favorite reads! Apart from my occasional “great rec post!” I’m also keen on giving full or in-depth post on series: may it graphic novels or in the future books that I truly loved. And perhaps you might pick this up and read it, too! (Banner from freepik!)

Despite the numerous times I mentioned and featured Ballroom E Youkoso, I still haven’t discussed it in full detail (and by “full detail” I mean word vomit by fangirl, but yeah semantics!) So, I decided to showcase this amazing sports series that y’all should be on the lookout for! There’s an anime coming this summer so everyone needs to start reading it ASAP bcos (1) I said so (2) if my opinion isn’t important the story is super amazeballs so that should convince you enough (3) the art~ gorgeous, gorgeous art!  (4) well, because it’s amazing! *enough said*

Now onto the feature! The story is about a third year middle school student, Fujita Tatara, who was kinda lost on what to do with his life. He didn’t have any particular interest; he was just getting along with the current. When he was almost mugged by a group bullies, Sengoku saved him. It turned out this man was professional dancer & he thought he was interested in dancing! He brought him to Ogasawara Dance Studio & there for the first time a real spark grew inside him! He wanted to learn how to dance! He became extremely fascinated with the world of competitive dancing!


— Fujita Tatara (Ballroom E Youkoso, Volume 1 Page 32)

* Translation: Somewhere inside me I thought that dancing was a “showy socialite hobby.”
She’s the total opposite!
Compare to me who doesn’t even have his feet on the ground―*

I’m not a dancer, but I remember getting 1.50 (that’s third highest score lolol) during my Modern Jazz class (don’t ask me how I did it, it was embarrassing moment for me!) But I love watching people dance…OK, so maybe the hiphop kind but I’ve always fond of ballroom dancing because my late father loved it. He watched Shall We Dance so many times; & and I also remember him playing this Karaoke type of MV with different ballroom music, and the videos were, you guessed it—ballroom dancing. So you can say I got a little bit of interest thanks to my dad. When I stumbled across Ballroom E Youkoso I was fully prepared to love it! Not only is the art undeniably beautiful, the story captivated me—panel after panel!

I always trust my gut feeling! 99% of the time I know I’ll like something from the get-go! This one included! Yes, I knew then and there that I’ll love this series! And I did! I mean I do! I’ve always love story of underdogs, of newbies, of young people searching their place in the world. And Tatara is one of them. Like I stated in my summary, he didn’t know what to do but thankfully that opportunity came to him! He immediately grabbed it and now he has something he loves to do!

The world of ballroom is described in a very fascinating way! When it comes to sports series, it’s very vital for me that the mechanics are properly described (so to stir my curiosity)! The intricacies of competitive dancing were fully expounded. And for character driven reader like I’m happy to say that the characters are so interesting: Kiyoharu, Gaju, Mako and Chinatsu (best girl of the show!) are my favorites! And of course the main lead, Tatara! It’s not only about the sports but these kids story had me spell bounded! I have so much to tell about him, but I’m about to chart non-spoiler free territory and so I’d rather have you learned those by yourselves!

I’m so happy when I found out that an anime was green-lit. Then learning that one of my favorite animation houses, Production IG is making it made me jump for joy! That little teaser already sent shivers to my spine! It looked high quality (with staff from Haikyuu & Boku no Hero Academia I guess it is expected!) So I really, really hope that a lot of you guys will try it!