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On Spotlight: A special post where I feature some of my favorite reads! Apart from my occasional “great rec post!” I’m also keen on giving full or in-depth post on series: may it graphic novels or in the future books that I truly loved. And perhaps you might pick this up and read it, too!

Expect Boku no Hero Academia 『僕のヒーローアカデミア』 to be part of this year’s Best of the Best.  Because it is pretty obvious & irrefutably qualified to be part of my favorite manga that I read this year. I have been hearing about this series for a while but it was not until the anime was aired last spring I gave the manga a go! It’s both a good thing and a bad thing. Bad, because the waiting game is unbearable (like the rest of the series I follow) but good because it’s really, hands down such a great series and I’m stoke that I’m currently reading it. I know the superhero theme is done by many people already but Kohei Horikoshi still manages to deliver fresh & vibrant superhero to titillate the shounen manga fans!

僕のヒーローアカデミア 1
僕のヒーローアカデミア 1

Boku no Hero Academia is the story of Midoriya Izuku an aspiring superhero. In his society people with special abilities called quirks are the norm. This however gave birth to two groups: the heroes, and the villains. Among those super heroes Midoriya look up to this amazing number #1 hero, All Might. He wanted to be like him but his dream crushed when he was told that he was quirkless. He had no ability and without it’ll be almost impossible to become a hero. But the boy didn’t give up. Armed with his optimism, he persevered by learning about super heroes every chance he got, and one day it bore fruit when he finally met his idol hero. All Might saw his courage and that biggest setback of having no quirk wasn’t setback anymore. All Might will train him as the next bearer of his powerful quirk: one for all!

People… are not born equal. That’s the hard truth I learned at age four. But that… was my first and last setback. — Midoriya Izuku*
僕のヒーローアカデミア 2
僕のヒーローアカデミア 2

I saw people had dubbed this one as the next ‘IT’ boys of WSJ (Weekly Shonen Jump) where it is currently serialized. After two big manga franchise of the magazine ended, some fans left abandoned without their weekly series fixes. Many have recommended this title to fill up the gap. And I can understand why they were confident to do so. Boku no Hero Academia is a very honest, well-crafted series. I know that some ideas are just recycle from older series. But granted we’re in this age where it feels like everything has been done before, it is a matter what to do about it gives the manga story-tellers the edge. And I believe Horikoshi-sensei did a marvelous handwork with this one.

Heroes and villains both thrive on violence, but we’re still categorized. “You’re good.” “You’re evil.” That’s how it is!! Symbol of peace? Hah!! In the end you’re just a tool for violence, made to keep us down! And violence only breeds more violence. — Shigaraki Tomura *
僕のヒーローアカデミア 3
僕のヒーローアカデミア 3

I need to commend Horikoshi-sensei’s art as well. It’s very clean, very consistent and imaginative. This series has huge cast, each one of them are to me were carefully thought out. From their character design, to the costumes to their quirks—I loved it! I’m totally impressed!  It really reflects the honesty and eagerness of the author to deliver his ideas. And I’m really glad that that this series is getting the admiration it deserves!

I have nothing but praises to this series. I admit I wasn’t blown away when I watched the first episode but it was just only steadying the momentum; once it got that there was no turning back. I became hooked to the core! It has been a while since I’ve been this obsess with a shounen series! I was also part of that Naruto-generation (I started to religiously follow manga series era) and some of my favorite shonen series ended. But Boku n Hero Academia is a very bright hope for me! So far, I have yet to dislike any plots sensei prepared for us. If anything else it just become better and better! And I have so much hope for this series. So if you haven’t read it, then what the heck, GO READ IT! Like right now!

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