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You probably heard of the idiom, “once bitten, twice shy.”...


You probably heard of the idiom, “once bitten, twice shy.” Yep, that’s the good ‘ol me when it comes to some books or any titles in general by the same author that badly burnt me/disappointed me. 11 Even if this author’s new work is revel by other people—many people, I’m still severely reluctant to try; because the disappointment I endured the last time was too heavy to bear once again. So gamble I will not do.

Let me tell you good people this first: I’m not the elite type of reader. 1 I read all sorts of things. I read from the humblest or simplest to the most complex my brain can afford to understand. And we all know that reading is very subjective. What may work with others, will may or may not work with me! I confessed that there are popular books that didn’t work for me. Apparently even [simple_tooltip content=’Oh boy, I hate this book. I hated with all my might!’]hated it with fiery passion[/simple_tooltip]. But I still see beauty in how things work that way. It makes stories far diverse because it begs to cater to other people’s extensive literary taste.

Again, I ain’t no snob! 3 I even made sure to give books that I didn’t like written by same author a second chance. OK, so maybe not everyone. But sometimes even if with this kind of keenness, the disappointment is hard to ignore. And sometimes, in my case most of the time, that caution is warranted. I admitted before that there are already authors that I am reluctant to try. And for some the first try is all I need to tell that yeah me and this author ain’t gonna work out ever.

With this case, it’s not about how awful it was. Sometimes I rated a book one star and still tried this author’s other works. Something just went amiss and the story-telling of this author isn’t too bad to not pick-up his/her other works. But for some, there is just this kind of thinking that [simple_tooltip content=’*coughs* Stormdancer *coughs*’]I’m too badly burnt[/simple_tooltip] and it’s not worth the effort. 4 I find the reading experience to be quite bad and just the thought of suffering once again is just not the type of game I’d like to play.

But how do I know that without reading first? Intuition? LOL But in all honesty I don’t know but like I said when the frustration you have with this book is netherworld kind of level you just have to opt out. So nope, not gonna happen again! Come to think of it, should I wish for a repeat? No can do amigos! I’d rather read a different book I know nothing of or re-read a favorite of mine. 5

People will tell me that maybe I’m missing out because I don’t like this person’s work. But I’m generally optimistic and even try another one for the selective few; but you know what? It’s the same unpleasant feeling. It could be my preconception towards this person’s work that influences me. And whether that’s personal or not, it greatly affects me! And reading to me is always needs to be enjoyable! If isn’t then what’s the point?

Perhaps, it’s too personal and I’m not looking at it objectively. I maybe am unfair. No, I am unfair! 18 Still, for something that I love to do I’ll try to dismiss things that distress me. Besides, there are many readers will love this book other than me! And as for me, there are many books out there that I prefer to read.

How about you? Have you read a book/series that badly disappointed you that you kinda forsake the authors’ other works? Or are you the type that always give second chances? Care to share it with me?

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