Fiction / It's pretty fascinating the way we take a singular thing differently.

I’ve heard, more like read it from somewhere, if I remember correctly from an author, that once they published the story it’s not in their hands anymore. It’s now in their readers. And those same readers have all the rights to see the story that way they understand it. Is this always true? Is it all about our interpretation now? How about the author’s intended purpose?

I’ve always been a believer of reading as personal journey. It is something you do on your own and along with the literary adventure comes the ins and outs, the highs and lows of the story.  But sometimes a story is not just to entertain But it’s also meant it to ask; it also wants to challenge, and in many, many ways always love to provide…so there’s some sort of silent communication from me, the reader, and the author. I believe that reading is akin to a journey and that I consider personal, therefore it is inevitable not to put my spin onto the story based on my accumulated personal beliefs and prejudices, or just simple thoughts. That maybe despite the author real intention, I might think of it differently and this make reading unique in each person. We have different views and we’re sum of different qualities that may or may affect our absorption of things we read. So sometimes some people may find it horrible, but not for me. Or I didn’t like it but the others did. And that’s pretty fascinating the way we take a singular thing differently.

When a story is shrouded with lots of ??? we tend to formulate our own answers (until we actually get there), ‘cos like I said some authors like to challenge, to provoke thinking and that’s kind great way of respecting the people who read their stories. Remembering 東京喰種 (Tokyo Ghoul) days how each symbolism had paved way to heated discussion and then connecting it to the plot. I found that very interesting, educational even, ‘cos in those little details they managed to come up with answers…and some were even right. Maybe that is the reason I’m drawn to reading forums and discussions. I love to read people’s input on things I/we read.

Of course varying opinions come misunderstanding and disagreement. It is not always healthy discussion, sometimes things got messy because of our different interpretation (especially about shipping, don’t we all sometimes hype up the little things??…admittedly shipping manifesto is my jamthat sometimes even though the author has concluded it, we still remained standing on our ground? Yes, regardless of how it ended, we still have our conclusion…we have lots of what ifs and should haves that we preferred but alas, in the end it’s not entirely in our hands. Despite the heartbreak, we’re still there to the end, and that’s part of reading. Of being invested in the story. I think we can all agree that we have our own different opinion on what we read, and these came from the way we took those stories and fuse it with our own ideas and beliefs. It might be the authors first but doesn’t mean it can’t be ours.