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I'm so happy to say that my anime list this...

I’m so happy to say that my anime list this 2019 was pretty amazing! I was so detached with anime last 2018—with only four series and was a pain to finish to boot! But this year was kinda amazing. I ended up watching the number one anime I kept relegating to the sides despite claiming that it was an absolute fave, Fullmetal Alchemist. I also finished watching Hunter X Hunter (2011) and bunch of series that I was so keen to watch last year but was unable to, like Run with the Wind (which was so, so amazing. Gosh, I almost cried!!) and WotaKoi—we need more adult rom-coms in anime! So yeah, with that all being said I’m so excited for the coming new year and yes, new decade for more anime and of course manga & webtoons…hopefully books 🤞

2020 Anime I Look Forward To!

  1. (Arte) • I didn’t know that it’ll have anime not until I deliberately checked the anime list for 2020. It’s one of my fave seinen historical series with a women as main character. During this era women weren’t free to pursue art and this is what the story is all about! So Yeah, waku waku!! ✨
  2. (Cells at Work | Season 2) • I love thos series, I follow few spin-off too! I’m excited to read the one about baby because of 8 month old nephew! So yes, mpre Science & Medical stuff, I’m ready!!
  3. (Dr. Stone Season 2) • I’m loving the current arc (Hyouga, I knew he wasn’t ALL that!!) but I love more Science stuff, with reunion with Taiju and the conclusion of Stone War arc!
  4. (Fruits Basket Season 2) • I mean all furuba fans have been waiting for second half because that’s the content where the original anime didn’t get to cover! Here’s the angst part & my heart’s been prepared since!
  5. (Haikyuu!! TO THE TOP) • no brainer, it’s been so long since I watched the third season and we are all thirsty for some good volleyball manga content to get animated! I actually loved training arcs in Haikyuu—which I can’t say the same with other sports anime/manga I followed before. Even though Hinata was isolated & made as ball boy he wasn’t detered instead became more motivated! The new character design looks awesome! So excited!!
  6. (Jujutsu Kaisen) • Heard good things about this series, haven’t read it myself but usually popular series is good indicator for me especially for WSJ series. I might read it soon, maybe before the anime comes out?
  7. (Kimetsu no Yaiba | Movie and Season 2) • I mean, come on! The best selling manga of 2019 deserves all the hype and all these animated content! I really hope that it’ll get screened locally because you bet I’m gonna run to the theater, first in line! I’m just so happy for this series, it deserves everything good and awesome!
  8. (Yakusoku no Neverland Season 2) • I was kinda suprised that it will get air in October—not earlier than I expected. But the Goldie Pond was actually one of my fave (the first arc still the bestest!!) even though Norman wasn’t there but I ended up loving Ray more than Norman after this arc! Again, waiting in excitement here!

Wishlist! Anime I Hope will get Green-Lit in 2020!

  1. (Ao no Flag) • I know it’s about to end but I’m still hoping for an anime. It’s a brilliant coming of age drama and I hope to see animated—but not subpar work like Kono Oto Tomare, because I’m still salty! I wouldn’t settle for less!
  2. (Skip to Loafer) • I know, I know like Spy x Family, it is still pretty new but we need more wholesome young adult series that just make you smile! This one is it!
  3. Spy x Family • I know it’s too early but man, I’m pretty sure the hilarious antics will translate so well in animation form! I’m so excited! One of the best manga series I am currently reading this year! So yes, it deserves an anime!

Books I’m Considering Reading in 2020!

  1. Imagine Me • for the record I was so disappointed with Defy Me. And I think I’m completely over this series, but for old times’ sake I’m completing this series by reading the final book of this unneeded extension, yes even though I have an actual 0.1% care!
  2. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes • I’m pretty sure I’m gonna read this! The Hunger Games remains a memorable book series to me! And I have this gunch that this prequel will be pretty good! I’m glad Suzzanne Collins is back making books and people happy—like me!
  3. The Shadows Between Us • the “kill the king and get his kingdom” is one political plot I’m all down with! Hopefully this is a standalone because I can’t keep up with series. And with my interest in books not coming back anytime soon, the little I have to keep up the better! But get the king’s kingdom sound so interesting and oh so menacing!
  4. Unravel the Dusk • well, I kinda did like the first book, and it wasn’t forgettable to say the least. So yeah, I think I will read the final book of this—thankfully—duology.
  5. Woven in Moonlight • After reading 152849032 Korean transmigration webtoon series lately, I think I’m ready for some royal politics and revenge story. This book fits my requirements to a T!
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