To sum up the year⁠—anime & manga wise⁠—I was on the consistent side. What I plan to watch, I watched…well, most of the titles in this list ended up being postponed with the whole pandemic currently being the ultimate buzz kill of the twenty-first century. But hey, I understand! Our lives are more important than our entertainment and we have to follow rules; the sooner this ends the better, we all agree on that, right? Besides, I’m pretty content with what 2020 served despite all the cancellations. I still read tons of new series this year so that made me happy, still.

Well, on the downer side, I didn’t read much…like there was huge effort but I think that was all there was to it: just an effort; and honestly I wasn’t actively wanting to read up my novel stash…blame it on web novels and webtoons for that! Even my manga suffered a bit *hides* So I am temporarily…permanently?? removing books from this feature and made it more simpler! Just all the anime! Ooops, I got sidetracked again! So today I plan to share you my 2021 anime list! If there’s one thing I learned in this whole pandemic year is I have to take everything with care! I plan but not so far in the future! Gradual and steady… and so, I hope I remained committed to the list, like I successfully did this year!

Winter 2021!

  1. (Dr. Stone Season 2) • I’m loving the current arc (time stamp: Dec 2019) (Hyouga, I knew he wasn’t ALL that!!) but I love more Science stuff, with reunion with Taiju and the conclusion of Stone War arc!
  2. (Yakusoku no Neverland Season 2) I was kinda surprised that it will get air in October—not earlier than I expected. Postponed to January 2021; but the Goldie Pond was actually one of my fave (the first arc still the bestest!!) even though Norman wasn’t there but I ended up loving Ray more than Norman after this arc! Again, waiting in excitement here!
  3. (Cells at Work | Season 2) • I love those series, I follow few spin-off too! So yes, more Science & Medical stuff, I’m ready!!
  4. (Kemono Jihen) •  I saw the PV and it looks really good! I think I saw the manga before (like literally just saw it but I still don’t know what the story’s about) but that trailer looks convincing that I might check it up! I hope someone in SEA region stream it, cos nowadays I only watch on legit sites for my anime!

Spring 2021

  1. (Boku no Hero Academia 5th Season) • I mean yeah of course I will watch it but I am not super, super into it because I didn’t like the arc that will feature here. Like, my ultimate least favorite so far! The next season however! Yeah, that is where all the good stuff are! Until then I’ll just have to en..du…re it? *hehehe*
  2. Shaman King (2021) • my sixteen years old self is happy! I saw this when I was sixteen, college freshman hurrying to go home so I could catch up with this kid and his friendly samurai ghost! Admittedly, I have forgotten what the story was about. I mean I know the gist, just the overall plot just slipped off of my mind now (also never gotten around to read the manga…but heard about all the ending brouhaha)! So in a way, this will be kinda brand new-ish to me! I’m excited!
  3. (Koi to Yobu ni wa Kimochi Warui) • I know, I know, the age gap might make some people feel off but don’t personally I think it was handled cutely and not gross! And to be perfectly honest, it’s the guy who always gets reprimand by this sassy high school girl! I’m actually looking forward to this slice of life, romance??? fluff!
  4. (Tokyo Revengers) • heard good press from the people I follow in the community! I also put it in my TBR for the longest time (same with Chainsaw Man) but again, with the same lame excuse, never gotten around to pick it up! If the anime makes a good impression I will read it eventually.

Later this 2021!

  1. (Koroshi Ai) • I’m behind with the series like a lot, but aaaaaahhhh! see me picking this up again after hearing about the anime coming this 2021! That lovers-to-enemies sparking between them, and also that semi-nihilistic male lead and expressionless female lead while me seeing all the romance tension from these two screwed up leads and their emotionless & bizarre personalities, again see me freaking out when the anime comes officially! It’s a promise!
  2. (Chainsaw Man) • like Tokyo Revengers, I plan to read it…soon…or maybe when the anime officially comes out! I saw the news of the first part ending and moving to another JUMP+, so if the anime is promising (MAPPA is working on it) then maybe that’s the push I need to read it again (yes, I read it before when it just started…like when it only had 5 chapters out but the waiting turned me off so eventually I’ve forgotten to pick it up)!
  3. BLEACH (Bleach: Sennen Kessen-hen) • I said I don’t have the desire to read it but anime’s different! Let me savor those ichihime moments in animated form, aside from that I wanna see the ending too! But yes, look at my priority!

For sure they will announce some more but for now these are my definite anime list! I usually share it via my monthly wrap-up anyways or see me fangirl on twitter with anime I’m currently watching! Of course, there’s Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen continuing next season! So I think my 2021 winter list looks promising. At least one aspect of my life looks nice as I greet the new year!

Because I’m lazy af, I just copied what I said last year! See me doing all the shortcuts and whatnot, don’t imitate my lazy blogging skillz! hurhurhur~