Extend the season of giving by gifting your awesome otaku friends some of these awesome, awesome gift ideas! So if you have someone who is like me huge fangirl/boy or otaku & wishes to gift them something this Christmas, I have compiled simple things that you might consider giving it to your special, cool friends. (I actually love to have it, too. Yes, just throwing it out there, *wink, winks*)

Tokyo Ghoul (fanart) Canvas Print / Framed Art Print (via Society6)

Of course being a huge advocate of Tokyo Ghoul (as a fan myself), this poster is sleek as it is amazing. I love how it gave me this theatrical poster sort of vibe. I actually love posters that are subtle and minimalistic (as I am with everything—you know that is my aesthetics!). A great pop-up to your naked white walls!

Suzuya Juuzo inspired purse/bags (Tokyo Ghoul) (via

I know, I know another TG merch, what the heck Mitchii? I love this franchise what can I say! But admit it, isn’t the bag the cutest? It was inspired from one of the amazing Ghoul Investigators—Suzuya Juuuzo. His style is very evident in this bag. And who is to say that we otaku can be stylish?! Look how fab this bag!

Danboard Computer Glasses (via Otaku Mode)

What I like about these specific eyeglasses is not only it is stylish but also eye friendly. These specific pair is made for those who frequently look at digital gadgets; with these it’ll help lessen eye strain (mine has one & it’s a big help~)! So you’re not only generous but also considerate. Plus the design is so cute; it’s Yotsuba! Right?

ERIMAKI SOX Ladies Sailor Collar Socks (via Otaku Mode)

Collar socks sound weird at first (or maybe it’s just me) but oh this model rocking it made it looked so elegant and kawaii (cute!). I saw Haikyuu collar socks on tumblr but I can’t find it anymore. But in case you’re in for subtleties, these sailor collar socks may rock your inner sailor moon goddesses!

Disclaimer: I’m no way affiliated with the stores that sell these products nor am I officially endorsing them. I just found them interesting as giver and receiver of gifts. Just giving you some ideas on what to give to your otaku friends/loved ones! Also, the retro Christmas card is from freepik!