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You know me, I never hid my persona as a hard-core shipper! 5And being one makes me all too protective of my ships, but that said I still set boundaries. But I still can’t help being a passionate shipper. I confessed how sometimes shipping & my OTPs clouded my judgment and take a huge part of my enjoyment over the stories I read and watch. And while I don’t participate on shipping war aggressively, in my little own secluded fangirl world I triumphed over my ships being canon! 8 It feels great to know that the couple you invested tons of emotions ended up together!

I told you guys & gals before that I don’t like drama. I hate drama (well, in stories it’s OK but too much of it is still a huge turn-off, too). And shipping war elicited a big fuss! I’m your causal observer on the sides. I’m one of those fans that wave her little shippy flag on silent, rooting for mah bois to win mah girls’ hearts! But I love reading in-depth analysis some fans do with their OTPs (that happened to be mine as well). That way they cemented their observations and interpretations of such are fascinating thing to read. It always shows how single things can be mean a lot. Of course, because we happened to share the same ship, my acceptance of these observations is subjective. 11 Still, I can’t help but applaud people who do these things, because it shows how passionate they are, and how invested they are in these characters!

Shipping war happens when there’s love triangles! And you should know by now that I enjoy a good ‘ol dramatic love debacle! Often than not, I tend to ship the female protagonist with the second male lead (look out for this new entry from me about it soonish!). 16 The thing is these boys are always the caring ones, the shoulder-to-cry-on types, the I’ll-love-you-in-the-sidelines kind! And I do have penchant to root for the underdog! I always, always ended up shipping a couple like this! And even though sometime shipping an OTP like it is a prospectively losing battle, sometimes miracles happened that my ship ended up together! And oh boy, the delight is unfathomable! 10

Even if my ships don’t end up together I don’t blame anyone by it. Not the author. Not the fans. Not anyone! But of course I’ll be very sad about it. But same amount of emotions is bursting out of me if my pairing is the canon one! That can make me flipping happy, grinning ear to ear like a mad fangirl! So perhaps Ruka and Mikan (of Gakuen Alice) didn’t end up together but it was still OK (I knew they won’t end up together anyway, it hurts 20but I still shipped them! And the moments they shared together brought me undeniable happiness, still. But of course nothing beats that whirlwind emotions brought by my ships being canon. Take Mamura & Suzume (Hirunaka no Ryuusei) and Juliette & Warner (Shatter Me) as examples; the sheer bliss it brought to me when they finally become the final couple was just vast! These moments of triumphs always make me a proud shipper!

How is the OTP tally? More sunken ship than sailing ones? What did you feel when your favorite fictional couple didn’t end up together? Any coping mechanism to share! Leave your thoughts below! ~ 21


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  1. Tasya says:

    ah yes, the joy and sorrow of shipping, problems of every fangirl (or boy) 😀 i tend to fall for the villains, and most of the villains don’t get happy ending so i guess my ships are mostly the sunken ones 😭 my ultimate coping mechanism is to look for some fanfics and fanarts. THEY’RE AMAZING. sunken or not, at least i could see my otps happy together ❤

    • Mitchii G. says:

      That’s really sad, I hope you’ll find an OTP that will sail to their HEA (regardless if he/she is villain or not!)! *hugs tight* Fanfics and fanarts are the best, especially the latter. I’m big fan of those! 😀

  2. Nxia says:

    I cry like the rest of fans of the sunken ship :'( And somehow at times my heart chose to be oblivious of the winning ship though not bitter or anything like it.
    Yes, otp artworks and fanarts definitely helps! And then bashing all those feels by reposting at tumblr.

    • Mitchii G. says:

      Getting salty is OK, but being disrespectful bc of it is not! So I like how you cope up with your sunken ships! Fanarts, fanfics are the way to go, as I observed! ;D

  3. Romi says:

    I wouldn’t say that I’m a vocal shipper- like you, I wave my shipping flag on the sidelines, silently but passionately- but I definitely love that moment where you realise just how much the characters you’re reading about matter to you, and how much you want this person and this person to end up as a couple. The occasional love triangle used to really get on my nerves, probably because it started appearing everywhere (and it can be such a let down, when the character picks the character you like least in the triangle, especially if they’re kinda awful and the other person is an absolute sweetie of perfection) but in manga I find that I am less annoyed by it. When I read Fruits Basket I experienced my first love triangle where I didn’t mind, even though I preferred Kyo, which character Tohru ended with, because they were both really nice.

    I guess if your ship isn’t endgame, at least there should be some corner of the internet where it IS, and that’s something very wonderful. There are going to be other people who were hoping for the same relationship to take off, and some of them will have created fanfic and art, and that is so often just gorgeous. I feel like… my ships do tend towards being the endgame ship, which is very lucky for me, but fanart is still something I enjoy, on the occasions where I look it up! xx

    • Mitchii G. says:

      This is amazing Romi! It is wonderful and magical that these characters have so much impact on us. The desire to see them happy is just so, idk amazing? Haha, love triangles seem to be hated by majority, and I’m one of those rare living creatures who actually liked it. It’s fun! In Fruits Basket I love Kyou, and so I was happy with the outcome.
      Some passionate shippers forgot the good times when their ships didn’t end together, and that’s sad. like you said there’s a place somewhere that celebrates the relationship regardless of the source material. Shipping showcases love, thus should be implemented always. 😀

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I, too, often ship the underdog -sobs-. Well, more so in dramas than in books – K-dramas have a LOT of jerks as main love interests. (You’re Beautiful whyyyyyyyyy how could you do that to me???). Anime and manga I tend to hit half and half, and books I tend to get the right guy.

    I’m with you though – I really like when people take apart characters and relationships bc it’s really interesting (a big part of the reason I like fanfic so much). I totally don’t get shipping wars though. It’s crazy how out of hand they can get too! I’m happy cheering from the sidelines 😊

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I liked how they elaborate that for me were initially small moments (it’s not for them)! It’s very, how should I say it, educational? Shipping wars can get ugly! And I’ve witnessed handful of shipping wars & they were just too damn dramatic, it was frustrating. Most of us are the silent type of shippers, rooting for our couples to sail. 😀

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