Travel / In which Mitchii shares her exciting family trip in Singapore!
Another country added on my travel visit! I don’t have my camera (it’s broken!), I don’t have any decent photo for a blog banner, but thanks PIXABAY, I had pretty one!)

Last month, the entire fam went to Singapore! I’ve always wanted to check out Singapore, that rich country-island with amazing skyscrapers and creative architecture! You could say I’d been there  during my very quick layover when I returned from Australia! But all I saw was their airport, so now I finally experienced it; and while the trip itself was very exhausting (my feet are not made for too much walking!) it was fun to see my sister and her family and us enjoying (though my other sisters beg to differ since she paid most stuff, LOLOL, #thankyouPO!

Anyway, we had a one day trip to Johor, Malaysia just to check out Legoland. If my memory serves me right, it’s only one hour and half from Singapore to Legoland! I told you before in my Malaysia trip post that I wanted to see it! And there you have it! Bucket list crossed! Although I’m not a big fan of amusement parks myself but it was nice experience all together! I’ve ridden some rides, with other I cursed (because I get dizzy very easily) and that water slide got us big time—we were soaked! It was hilarious!

Just a collage of my fave photos I’ve taken during my trip! I have tons more but they don’t look very decent…some of it has my face and you don’t wanna see that LOLOL

We returned after a day, and the rest of trip happened in Singapore. The second day we went to check out Singapore Zoo and River Safari! And guys, I saw a panda!  Like I didn’t think I’ll be able to my entire life but wowza they’re big, and fluffy, and shy! We also ate buffet breakfast with the monkeys, and see several animals shows throughout the day! It was exhausting but nice to see their zoos, and animals well taken care of! (the last time I’d been surrounded by animals was when we went to Subic and saw Zoobic Safari—that was years ago!). Next day we walk around Marina Bay and checkout some other spots there! Got to see their iconic Merlion, as well! Like, I wanted to see it (my sis said we can see them in Sentosa, and LOL that one wasn’t the one I always see on TV or read on blogs! Glad we check it out!)

Our last day was in Sentosa—Universal Studios! Again amusement park because my brother-in-law and my nephew/niece love their rides! We went on Friday, it was holiday too in Singapore so Universal Studios was jam-packed!  I had to wait more than hour to ride the 3-D transformer ride.  Though the ride itself was fun but the lines were super duper long ahaha! The weather was pretty unpredictable, mornings were scorching hot/humid then it’ll rain in the afternoons! But overall it was super fun! It was the most tiring trip I had so far! Hopefully and I really pray that I’ll get to travel again before the year ends…