Fiction / Slumps are normal and I try not to worry of how little or often I read

Long before when I was still blogging for books, I dreaded getting that reading slump. Especially when I reviewed advance copies before. When my anime + manga got resurrected that bookish slump started to get longer: from days to weeks to months and up to now. While I don’t think badly of my reading choices anymore, having concentrated on graphic novels for the past few years, there is still that strong nostalgia every time I walk by the same aisle in our neighborhood bookstore which made my eyes glitter like an old Margaret shoujo heroine on every visit before.  But as I said I have come to terms, it is not my thing right now, maybe some day I get to balance my reading choices. Or when I’m in the mood. But for now I am mass indulging myself with my graphic novels (manga and webtoons, yes).

The love child of my love for anime & reading books is now my intense love for manga and webtoons.

I will always say I am reader. And to anyone who loves to read regardless how frequent or how many you consume. Yeah, it doesn’t matter how much you read. You can read daily, monthly, once in forever? As long you have the love or drive to read. You really like to immerse in the story and enjoy the act of reading then for me you’re 100%a reader in my book (yes, pun intended). This is something that didn’t stop ever since I started my reading hobby, or habit I should say. I wasn’t big manga reader before. Compare to my anime list, my manga list then was sooo~ miniscule. But I came to love reading. I came to love anime again, and in some sort of fate melding, reading manga became the offspring of these two loves. Ever since I always read manga. Then I stumble across webtoons, and I never looked back.

Reading becomes a habit. I cannot not read something, even for just few minutes a day is enough.

But being big reader there’s an occasional guilt whenever I didn’t read in long time. And long time by my standard maybe a week or two. It is like there’s something missing. I’m not big watcher. I rarely watch TV nowadays sans the anime I watch per season and occasionally were I watched cooking show to pass time before going to bed. But for me, reading is the way to go! I think it becomes a part of me now. I cannot not read anymore. I always crave something to read and that’s why I keep my slump in check. Oh before you get confused, reading in general and not only books (manga, webtoon, and yes, even fan fiction and unreleased novels by hobbyist, I consider them all).

Bottom-line, slumps are normal and I try not to worry of how little or often I read. It’s okay.

Let’s stop ostracizing people of their choices and how often or little they read. Once a month or even a year is still good! Graphic novels or novels only? That is totally fine! They are all the same and made with the same purpose: For us to enjoy. Like right now, I’m in the mood to read webtoons actually. I haven’t read new manga in two months already. I think the way to rid of slump is to find something new or different. Something I’m in the mood for to read. Never try to force it. Reading is hobby we enjoy so we should choose ones we like and enjoy. Not mandated by anyone but yourselves.