Author: Lauren Oliver
Series: (Delirium #2)
Published: February 28th 2012 by HarperCollins

Let me get this thing out of my chest first. I think ‘love’ as an illness is the most insane idea ever. I think the concept of this series takes Queen’s Too Much Love can Kill You, too seriously. And yet here I am tolerating it, even reading the sequel. Jokes on me, right.

Delirium was little off for me. I don’t know what to think of it. Did I enjoy it? A little. The only thing that made me consider reading the sequel was that I’m extremely interested to know what happened (and will happen) to Alex. And not because I’m (book) crushing him or anything. If there’s one character that save the book from complete dullness; that is him. That’s Alex. He’s the catalyst to Lena’s story. I mean without him Lena wouldn’t be ‘infected’ by amor deliria nervosa (aka love. Man, hearing it like that, it really does sound like a serious illness).

Now that I established that, let’s move on.

Pandemonium is told in two time frames. One is NOW (which you know, now, means currently what’s happening) and the THEN that will bring you back to Lena during her time in the Wilds. Which imperative to say, kinda confusing at first. Moreover, there are new characters that were introduced. And in all fairness they were actually a nice addition. Raven and the gang, I like them. Also, one of the new characters is Julian. And yep, your guesses were right; he’s a new love interest. I liked Alex don’t get me wrong but there is something with this Julian guy that I liked. Hmmm… relatable I guess is the right word. But unlike in the other books which I’m rooting (hard core I must add) for one of them, I’m not not gonna do that here. It’s either Alex or Julian. I really don’t mind who will manage to steal the girl’s heart. I will leave that issue completely up to the author.

Not gonna deny I was bored when I was reading Delirium. But Pandemonium managed to raise the bar from its predecessor by throwing some actions, some angst to the story. Which what I really liked about it. I also saw Lena’s growth. I loved that she’s not this spineless little girl, oblivious to the world. A huge improvement from the last one.

Now, as you can see, I read this book because I want to know what happened to Alex. So what did really happen to him?

But just like in the first book, this one ended in a SERIOUSLY INFURIATING CLIFFHANGER! What a torture!! A hint? It has something to do with Alex. That’s all I can say.

Pandemonium is a massive step up from Delirium. If you’re like me who weren’t impressed by it, try considering reading this one. It might change your mind to this whole love-is-taboo-and-must-get-rid-off. Because I did. And I liked it.