Title: Passion
Author: Lauren Kate
Series: (Fallen #3)
Pages: 420

I’m a bit disappointed and sad, ‘coz every time I read a book in this series the rate starting to run downhill. But there’s one thing this book got it right — the title. Oh my gosh, this book is full of passion, passion that is a bit sickening and suffocating, I wasn’t really a big fan of Daniel/Luce love affair in the first place, so this was… hard.

Ok, so how will I sum this book, in a nutshell it’s a whirlpool of romance in a time traveling format. Luce went with an announcer and travel back in time to understand about her relationship with Daniel and the curse of their love (which in the end I find it unnecessary and utter waste of time traveling). She saw how Daniel struggles every time she died. She saw how she died in his arm, burn in to flames, almost sacrificed to a deity, so on so forth. Luce has a companion Bill on her time escapades, who turns out to be a critical character as the book three ends. And of course I’m not gonna tell you who he is, because that is a spoiler.

I’m not sure what to say. I really didn’t like it. I know that when I’m about read it — which I tried to push back but since I wanted to get it over with, so I just read it — that it will be full of Daniel and Luce. But I kinda like The Eternal Ones and this one have a very same theme and besides one reviewer said that we will find out why Cam act that way (and oh, boy I believed but was disappointed when I read it. More about it later). But after I finish the book I stare at the ceiling and ask myself, what the heck was that? Yes, I know what I’m getting myself in to when I read it but at least I have some faith with it that somehow it wasn’t going to be terrible as I imagined it’ll be. But it was. And now I’m a sad panda.

Although that said, I gave it 3 stars in which by rating standard it is average therefore not entirely bad. No, I’m giving it 3 stars because it is part of the Fallen series (I can be irrational if I wanted to), and somehow I was entertained by the blast-from-the-past idea. I kinda like Bill as well, his sarcasm sorta hold my interest even for a little. I was upset that he is… well, you’ll find out when you read it (I’m trying to avoid spoiler).

In the first place I don’t get why she needed to witness personally their relationship from her numerous incarnation. Ok, so to finally understand Daniel’s feeling for her, their love, curse, and his struggles with her every death. Before I forget, I kinda like Daniel here than the first two books. Continuing on the topic, I don’t see the reason why she needs to see some of her lifetime with him, aside from telling apart the different ways she died and different ways they met. So what did she get after that? In the end it was love, love and love in the most basic concept. And the supposed foundation of this love, well, I’m still oblivious about it, even after 400 pages or so.

I think some of the past lives that were included were a bit redundant. I was like yeah, yeah, I understand she will die, he’ll suffer so why do we move on to better things, there’s a lot of explaining to do. But that didn’t come. I don’t know it’s for the sake of lengthening the book, but really? All that? I get it already.

Ok, about Cam. I’m not sure if I’m happy or mad about how he was treated in this book. I’m happy to find out that he isn’t actually a bad guy (but of course, I know there’s something good about him… aside from looks that is, lol). But I didn’t like the reason behind it, or how it was executed. I got the feeling that his story was inserted then quickly wrapped up. So he likes Lilith, Lilith likes to marry him in the church but he can’t… and because of that they broke up. And that’s it. He’s bad. Done. Ok, that’s… what’s that again? My general feelings about it — it was a speedy conclusion, and I didn’t like it.

You know what upset me more, that in the end Luce didn’t find out about their curse or how to stop it, like I said such a waste. So Rapture, the final book… I don’t know, but hoping that I’m not gonna give it two stars because that would be… sad.