Author: Lisa Desrochers
Series: (Personal Demons #1)
Published: September 14th 2010
Publisher: Tor Teen
Categories: Paranormal, Urban-Fantasy

This book is flawed. And the worst part of it, I actually kinda liked it.

The beginning of the book was my favorite part. It promises me that if I continue on I’ll get a special surprise. I just didn’t get the surprise. Because there’s no surprise to begin with.

Re: Heaven VS. Hell

This book received mixed reviews, some loved it, and some didn’t, while others are on the fence. My sister, who I greatly value her opinion said that it was just ok. And in my terms (hers and I think others too) ‘ok’ means neither good nor bad.  It wasn’t really that bad. Did I say that it was flawed? Definitely it was flawed. But I still liked it, for whatever entertainment it offered me. It just a complete let down that the premise is really promising, it just didn’t live up to its potential. Angels vs. demons. Heaven vs. Hell. I want this kind of theme to give me something more than the usual good against evil. I want the gray areas to be tackled too. It almost got me with Luc changing; he’s evil and he’s capable of goodness. Now that’s saying something. I was just a bit disappointed that he was changing because he fell in love with Frannie. And that’s not entirely a bad reason. Only the reason why he fell in love with Frannie was shallow and weak. I wasn’t convinced. I wish there’s a deeper meaning to it.

Re: Frannie

It didn’t come as a surprise to me that there’s bigger than life ahead of her. Why do they want to tag her in the first place? She must be someone special. Well, she is only it wasn’t that evident to make it believable. I would have like it if her supposed powers were showed (more) so we know why they eagerly want her. Since I only got Luc’s perspective (I also wanted Gabe’s pov. Since he obviously knows more stuff than Luc), he didn’t know at first why they want her. He was only told that he needed to tag her soul. I’m about to give it a slide, but it turned out he wasn’t completely that naïve of the reason. Instead, he babbled all these things about her being pretty, and how her curves are on the right places.

I don’t like shoving back those important details for the sake of romance. I liked romance, don’t get me wrong, but I need plot/character development too. I’m also after the story, not just the romance. And the romance should be more than the physical aspect. Maybe, I’m asking too much. Am I?

Re: Frannie and Luc

This book was told from their perspectives. And I loved dual povs so I can see what the other person thinks. And see the story in a whole different view. I liked both Frannie and Luc’s voice. They were distinctive. I liked them individually and sort of liked them together. But how they become a couple is what has disappointed me. Something just developed without me knowing it. I get that she’s different; he’s different, they were attracted to each other physically. But that’s should be one of the things why liked each other, but to develop an emotion to someone as intense as ‘love’ there should be more. They barely have a ‘real’ connection together. I mean, it doesn’t have to be life or death situation. It could be something simple. Simple gestures, just knowing each other, I could live with that. They weren’t that open to each other. And I’m not talking about clothes here. Such a shame.

I liked the book, so yes I will continue it but not now. 😀