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Author: Kasie West Series: (Pivot Point #1) Published: February 12th...

Author: Kasie West
Series: (Pivot Point #1)
Published: February 12th 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal

I received an eARC from HarperTeen via Edelweiss. Thank you.

I know my rating looks harsh with only two stars but don’t worry that’s the only harsh part of this post. I kinda liked the book and two stars generally mean (when I say general that’s me and goodreads assessment) ‘it was ok.’ True enough the book was ok. It was fun, there was this comical atmosphere to it and some parts were enjoyable. But it unable to properly engaged me to the story. The thing was it was hardly memorable. And I was expecting something more, perhaps on the characters, the plot or the romance but all aspect failed to deliver that.

But seeing that I’m the only sour grape here, you can ignore this one and read finer and funner reviews out there. Probably the expectations had me again and before I dive into the story I have read glowing reviews (which I really tend to avoid nowadays because it was messing up with my expectations. I only read reviews of books that I totally anticipating for, expecting some spoilers slipping here and there). Anyways, prior to reading this book I had instilled in my mind that this is something unique. I love her ability to see events that will happen in the future. I have weakness with this kind of power—time related ones. Not only that, she’s not the single one possessing such an unusual talent. Someone can even erase memories. Her dad is a living lie detector. Even someone can alter muscles and bones in the body. Incredible isn’t it? I wonder why I’m not fascinated by it.

Of course there’s obligatory romance in it. And not just romance, it has the most detested romantic plot device ever—love triangle. But the thing is (and not because I’m huge advocate of the said plot device) I liked that boys symbolizes different culture so we can how contrasting the paranormal from the wholly normal ones (aside from the obvious that is). That and some mystery that surrounds her father’s job and some high school conspiracy relating to his buddies in the paranormal side.  I won’t get into details that much but actually this is only part I can say I truly invested in. Neither Trevor nor Duke despite their obvious gorgeousness didn’t flutter my steady beating heart. Both has flaws (well, the other one has major issue which is once again a spoiler, so yeah let’s leave it anonymously) but I see myself not rooting for anyone. And here I thought I’m always onto scarred, brooding guys. Not this time, I guess.

But despite its inability to fully bound me to the story, I can sincerely say that the book was good. And in all honesty, I think it is something not written for someone like me. I can see why people loved it. It has something original bits to it and people crave originality specially these days when several books incline to share very common albeit repetitive plot. That said, having not enjoyed the book fully, I’m still going to recommend to you guys in hope that you can enjoy the book— the story as much as the others (well, majority of the readers did enjoy it) did. So yes, Pivot Point by Kasie West is worth the try.

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