Look what we have here! It’sย  2021, a brand new year & you know what’s the best thing to do when the calendar refreshes to January 1 of a new year??? Yes, time to open those new planners and start filling it up! So today, I will share to you the start of my planner journey for 2021! I’m going to temporarily (?) say goodbye to journals & stick to what I’m most comfortable keepingโ€”and that are planners!!!

my very “personal” planner

So, I mentioned somewhere here on blog that I said adieu to journals as they are a bit of a work to keep up with. And for 2021 (which according to some is the real start of the decade) I want to keep it simple, I’m sticking planners this year. Yes, plannersโ€”plural! I bought two planners for 2021…one’s for my personal/quick bible logs while the other one is for my online/hobbies. Since it just a planner I’ve decided to separate them just so not to make details or highlights feel claustrophobic. And I’m glad that I made that decision of separating them, ‘coz while I want simplicity, I want them super organized too, so there you have it.

My planners are simple non-branded that I scored on 11/11 sale last year. I just can’t justify splurging thousand of pesos for a planner (I’m too frugal for that as well). Also, I don’t have that much of disposable income so cheap buys make me happy. What’s truly important to me is the monthly spread. I mentioned it on “taking down notes” blog entries I’m the type of planner who jot down stuff AFTER it happened. And only schedule stuff that have definite deadline, like for example, filings or bills! But for some I just put them on my planners after accomplishing it.

organization for my hobbies too!

So for my personal planner, I have 12 pages of monthly spread and year-round weekly spread. For monthly spread I just put stuff that I need to do like deadlines and stuff, while the weekly spread is for bible blogs with the prompts I got from internet. I’m not much of a “traditional” journal type of person & my wrist hurts easily when writing nowadays (yes, gone were the days that I could write endlessly on my notebook, then again I wasn’t really a diligent of student perfecting my academic notebooks). So the shorter time I spend on writing, the better! So the weekly spread is very good template for lazy person such as myself *hides*

I also got this really inexpensive & cute planner which I’ve decided to dedicate for my online/hobbies/blogging activities. I don’t need to jazz this up with so many stickers ‘cos it already has some nifty cute designs. I wrote down all the anime I will watch, my blog post schedule, online activities like client work or other future online personal projects!

Aside from those two planners, I am also working on my notion setup! My homepage is still WIP & figuring out/working on the sub-pages for this! I know, I initially thought it’s an overkill too if huge chunk of stuff in my notion are simply a reflection of the things I already have in my planners, but I felt compelled to make one just because! And besides, I’m more of digital person so this works pretty well on me and it’s fun stetting it up! Maybe I’ll do a separate post about notion and I’ll give you tour of my account. But before that let me finish the whole thing first!

So yeah, that’s it for planning/scheduling adventures this new year. I really hope I will sustain this momentum consistently, throughout the year! It’s one my 2021 goals after all.