Author: R.L. Mathewson
Series: (A Neighbor from Hell #1)
Published:April 29th 2011 (first published April 1st 2011)
Publisher: Rerum Publishing House
Categories: Adult, Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

This book is a playful combination of naughty and funny. And it was a perfect mix. I’m in an adult-contemporary high as of the moment (and the now emerging new category called ‘new adult’). These types of stories are perfect for me because I can breeze through it without problem (especially with my sched right now, ugh, RL!). Having enjoyed The Proposition which also funny and totally sexy read and I’m craving for something like it. My sister recommended this series to me. She has high regards to the male protagonist, Jason. And I can see why.

Jason is anything but a kind neighbor.  Or so Haley thought. All her past experiences with her neighbor were pure agony. What she thought was a blissful residence ended up with late night parties, AND childish games, like paint-balls. And worst, her garden which she had put a lot of time perfecting it ended up in disaster. But not only she’s invading what she dream was a peaceful life in her new home but he also happened to be her colleague, working the same as school as her, teaching the same subject. It’s like she can’t escape her now Jason infested life.

Haley was a good female protagonist. I loved how she can keep up with Jason which is for me is like a box of 124 colors of Crayola. He’s a lot of colors. He’s funny. He can be scary. Oh yeah, he’s always hungry. I also wonder how he can maintain that six packs abs of his while eating anything his brain registered as food. The good thing though is that Haley is good cook. I liked how perfectly it meshed their very contradicting personalities without forcing the idea of ‘opposite attracts.’ It naturally ran in the story, I can see why they were attracted and eventually fell in love with each other.

I really liked the playful side of Jason; I love his serious part, too. And it was unusual that I find his over-protectiveness even though they’re not even together ok. How he scared of potentials dates/boyfriends. Even the side characters are shining here, they’re not just accessories to make the plot work, and they’re important part of the story. Important part of Haley and Jason’s life.

“He treats me like his girlfriend. He’s always touching me and cuddling up with me. We sleep in the same bed every night. We try sleeping positions like they were sexual positions!”

Well, when it is hot, it is hot. And at that same time it could be funny, too. But definitely it is most hot. And they’re still not in the game—yet.

I liked it but didn’t completely love it. There’s something I’m still looking for. The key ingredients I want in a book such as this are here, but my not so peculiar taste is telling me that something was missing hence me snatching the one star to the almost perfect read. I already have the second and third book but after I found that it wasn’t about them anymore. I decided put the series on hold but after reading a few reviews maybe Jason-less story is worth the try. Hmm, what to do…