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Author: Colleen Hoover Series: (Slammed #2) Published: September 18th 2012...

Author: Colleen Hoover
Series: (Slammed #2)
Published: September 18th 2012 (first published February 25th 2012)
Publisher: Atria Books
Categories: Contemporary, Realistic Fiction

I received a copy  from Atria Books via Netgalley. Thank you.

I’ve been mustering the right words to express my strong feelings for this book but I come up empty. So I’m gonna borrow Bella’s infamous line (with little alteration): I was unconditionally, irrevocably and butterflying in love with Will Cooper—and this book. Oh man, I thought Slammed was so good, the sequel was even better. Butterflying awesome.

I avoided reviews of Point of Retreat like the plague. I am usually the type who doesn’t mind spoilers but I don’t want anything to spoil my reading. I wanted everything to be a surprise. And was I surprised. I was stunned for some parts but very, very surprised (and happy) that this book is told from Will’s POV. It so different from Lake and it was an experience reading the continuation of the story on his perspective. I already expected Lake and Will’s relationship to be not so perfect (because who has? I mean, who has a perfect relationship?). What I didn’t expect was Will’s ex-girlfriend who left him when the-going-gets-tough on his life to return. And her return nearly broke them up. But damn this guy’s words, you’ll just have to forgive him. The sincerity and the love…it was so convincing even I was swooning and melting in the puddle of goo. Where I can find a guy like Will Cooper? I think he’s a rare species. I’m so happy when she forgave him.

Just when I thought everything was ok, the story dropped the most explosive bomb. It was so huge that caught me off guard. I didn’t see that coming. But Will’s dedication and love for Lake was tested. A lot of things happened to Will and if he’s a weak kind of person he definitely will fall apart. If I were in that position I’m going to ask why everything (bad) needs to happen to me. Why am I always being tested? But good for Will, he didn’t give up. Because above everything else (after all the things that happened to him), it just showed how strong he is. And I commend him for that. I see Will more. I get to know him more. He’s definitely one great character.

I loved all characters from book one, and I’m super happy that the author added more interesting characters. Kiersten was very interesting kid. You know, the little girl who is wiser beyond her years. That is her. She’s a smart girl. I love her mom (Sherry), too. She’s just like her daughter (maybe the apple didn’t fall far from the tree). It was a really nice moment when Lake and Will’s relationship was on the rocks she helped Will decides by showing him a piece of her life. It was really bittersweet moment.

Oh right, there are added characters like Vaughn and Reece. I take back what I said earlier, I do not like all the additional character particularly these two. They’re butterflying annoying. Butterflying useless.

I love that the book cover (the butterfly) and the title (Point of Retreat) has huge significance to the story. I was laughing so hard when Kiersten explain about words and how it becomes a bad word because of the stigma people put into it. I remember my teacher in high school told us there’s no such thing as ‘coarse’ words, just a dirty mind. Haha, maybe he (my teacher) and Kiersten will get along just fine. 😉

Like in the first book, I was still in this crazy reading mood: crying then laughing, then some more crying but there were lots of laughing. I loved this book. I loved this series. I’m still asking myself, how did this slip past my radar. But I’m relieved and profoundly glad that I got the chance to read this book. It was really worthwhile reading experience and I’m so happy that there still another book in the works. I couldn’t wait to read it. (more Will, Yay!!) :rock:

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