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I’m not really that active on book events. I'm not...

I’m not really that active on book events. I’m not really an outgoing person plus the fact that I’m on a tight budget. It’s the reason why I’m very selective of the events I’m going to participate especially I’m personally funding this hobby. But when I heard about 34th Manila International Book Fair, an annual gathering of everything book related, I didn’t hesitate to add it on my schedule.


I have expectations; one is obviously to bring books. But I’m not impulsive buyer, I tend to scrutinize everything (making sure it filled up my entire checklist) before I purchased it. So I hope those hard to find books are there since there are many publishing houses (local and foreign) joining the event.

And of course, ultimately to have fun. I want to enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by books, books, and nothing but books. It’s like wonderland for me and bookworms alike. So yeah, it should be fun  :hearts: :happy: . There are activities line up for the 5-day event (check MIBF’s official site). I was suggested to wear comfy shoes as it is going to be walkathon visiting aisles and aisles of books. Thinking about it makes me excited.


To those who are planning to go, there’s an entrance fee of Php. 20.00 for adults and Php. 15.00 for kids and senior citizens (I think students have discount too, though I’m not so sure). There are also companies giving away passes like Fullybooked (although when I went to a branch near to my house they said they already run out of tickets). But if you have printer at home you can print these free tickets from Adarna House Inc., OMF Literature Inc., and Jesuit Communications (so far these are the only ones I know). Also if you’re a fan of Melissa dela Cruz (Blue Boods series, The Beauchamp Family), Margaret Stohl (Caster Chronicles, Icons) and Alyson Noel (The Immortals, Riley Bloom, Soul Seekers, Laguna Cove & Cruel Summer) be sure to have your copies signed by these authors. You wouldn’t miss meeting three NYT bestselling authors, now wouldn’t you?

So are you ready? First day is on Wednesday and will run until Sunday (September 11 – 15, 2013). So don’t you dare miss it!