Author: Elisa Ludwig
Series: (Pretty Crooked #1)
Published: March 13th 2012 by Katherine Tegen Books

Do two wrongs ever make it right?

Pretty Crooked for me is a sad attempt to combine Robin Hood, Mean Girls and some makeover TV show. While I love the idea of a modern day version of Robin Hood but unfortunately the way the story was presented was too far-fetched and irrational to make it work. If robbing rich people and giving it to the needy make it a Robin Hood-esque, then I think it totally missed the point.

I kinda like Willa, Aidan and particularly Tre. But I just couldn’t get past the idea of Willa stealing from rich mean schoolmates just to get some of the kids an even ground. I totally find it unbelievable to think that a person like Willa, who against my better judgment is not stupid to steal then used it to buy these oppressed girls clothes to get even with them. If she really liked to teach these girls a lesson, I don’t think her approach is working in the first place. They got new clothes? Big deal. She already did it—the stealing I mean, she should’ve used the money wisely. Not only that the girls didn’t repent, she got these people as her enemies. Worst result. Anyway, I think I liked it better when Mean Girls worked on this issue aside from the fact that is more realistically possible.

I think Willa didn’t think her plan thoroughly. But who in the right mind will do this in the first place? Exactly. When I heard that she’ll be the Robin Hood to these bullied girls, I’m curious how it’ll be. But I never expected it to be shallow and unrealistic. I’m not sure but perhaps my moral compass is pointing in a different direction. And while my stance on the saying ‘the end justifies the means’ is always depends on the case. I just couldn’t tolerate it here. Frankly, it did not justify the means.

But having said all of that, I can still see potential with story. While I think the start (this book) was really weak in terms of convincing powers, I see things that personally will help me get through it and read the sequel. For me, there were moments that beyond the stealing premise. Things that I’m more interested to read. I would love to know what’s with her mom and her mysterious behavior. And the FBI Agent in the end. I also was very intrigued with Aidan’s case. I really like to know what he did that got him kicked out of school. And yes, more Tre. Did I say I particularly like him? Haha. In a positive note, the author crafted some interesting characters. Characters that made the book memorable to me.

The story didn’t have a solid conclusion. Many questions were left unanswered. I do understand that this is a book series therefore the open-ended nature to it. But I would have preferred if there’s a resolution to some problems that were brought out instead of pouring everything in the subsequent novels.