Author: Marie Lu
Series: (Legend, #2)
Published: January 29th 2013
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Categories: Dystopia, Science Fiction

I’ve been dreading writing this review because it was not what I initially wanted it to be. But purely based on my rating you can see that I wasn’t blown away by this book. I was surprised as well that I didn’t enjoy it as I hoped. Then I realized that from the very beginning (the first book) it was very different from I expected it to be—from what I have concluded based on several factors. Maybe I have myself to blame.

Let me rehash my not so important complaint in the first book. Being Day and June complete opposite to each other but have the same caliber, I have expected rivalry between them. This made the romance completely interesting since there’s this competiveness factored in their relationship. It’s like Romeo & Juliet meets Death Note. Too bad, it’s not like that. I guess it was such a waste because it was pretty interesting inside my head. Then again, that’s my story, not Marie Lu. And I’m not obviously the author of this book. So I accepted it as it was because in retrospect, it was engaging the way it was written.

So I read this book with now fewer expectations and told myself that I’m going to embrace what it will (only) offer. But the offering is not something that entirely pleases me. Yes, there’s the development and the things that lacked in the first book that had finally settled in this book. I get to know more of complicated set-up with opposing group, as well the group they belong in. June and Day had grown…but not to their full potential. But this is just a sequel. I think that room is reserved for the third (and I think the final—correct me if I’m wrong) book.

My problem is I can’t pretend that I’m not annoyed for the half-hearted development of the plot, as well as the characters. I can’t accept that the potentials I saw and expected (which I have to say again is not too much this time) were wasted again on trivial things. The action was great but it could be more. It could be great. But I was fed something mediocre for my taste. Yes, yes, I admit that I have once again myself to blame. This totally me.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, or there’s this silver lining amidst these frustrations. Toward the end things got more interesting again. Things that were scattered due to weak foundation have found its concrete footing. There’s this shock factor too that totally got me interested and proven that this book do deserve the hype, the raves and the yays! from readers. Truth to be told, if weren’t for it and the possibility of a more engaging plot I would have given it like 2—or worst 1.5 (yes that’s worst on my standard. 1 is nonredeemable and this book/series is nowhere that level). It gave me hope. And I would definitely pick the next one.