Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Series: (Covenant #2)
Published: April 3rd 2012 by Spencer Hill Press

The best way to enjoy Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Covenant series is to forget that it is similar to Vampire Academy. Try not to dwell too much if you find another similarity (because you will, I guarantee you). Push those thoughts far, far, far away.

But if you haven’t read Richelle Mead’s popular Vampire series then…well, I wouldn’t say lucky—despite my annoyance with how the story (ok, how a certain character *cough*Adrian*cough* was treated. Thank mercy for Bloodlines) I couldn’t deny that it was one entertaining series. As I was saying, if you haven’t read it then you have nothing compare it with; and you’ll find this book refreshingly new. Well thought out, if not. The mythology aspect of the book is what impressed me the most. Though in my case, while I saw similarities yet again it didn’t bother me anymore. And frankly, the story is starting to shape up (molding on its own plot). There were even times I’m so caught up with the things happening here. So one thing for sure, the author has her ways to put her reader on the edge of their seats. Removing those cautious and doubtful thoughts off your mind.

In a book series where there’s a love triangle, book two, more often than not is made for guy number two. I think it is for the purpose of knowing the character more and maybe see if there’s potential between the girl. And the fans are starting choosing their teams (look what the Twilight fandom had done. Not that I’m complaining). If it weren’t evident in book one, book two seals the deal. In short, Pure is for Seth. Like New Moon is to Jacob. Hallowed is to Christian. And Captivate is to Astley. Just to name a few. Did I get to know Seth? The hell I did. This conceited appollyon is more than meets the eye. He did catch my attention on the first book. And I was looking forward knowing more about him or what he really like, personality wise. Found out that there’s a naughty but sweet side to this guy. We found out how strong their connection is. And really liked how supportive he was when Alex was down. I still don’t know why he was given a more special treatment than Alex. Or the fact I don’t even know his last name… Well, hopefully we’ll find out soon.

As I said the plot is starting to shape up. We got some intense action here in the form daimons attacked and furies on the loose. I’m really intrigued as to why they wanted Alex gone. And who are the people behind it. And why do they think she’s a threat. I so, so wanted to have her awaken. Ugh, so much stuff to look forward to (not only Seth and Aiden. Though they do count. I like them both). Tons of things that will surely satisfy my reading appetite. Can’t wait to read Deity. xD