I’m not big fan of horror movies—those purposely created to elicit fear. I’m no longer queasy due to the fact I’ve been exposed (too much I supposed) these past few months. I’ve been watching series with, you can say, quite violent theme; blood and gore do not bother me that much anymore. It’s no longer a problem with me. Although among the pool of genre associated with the titles I had watched includes horror, I can say it was horror just by the theme and not it’s because it was frightening. And to be honest, I did enjoy it (at some extent).

Any scary books to recommenced? It’s Halloween, you guys!

When it comes to book I’m not that quite interested not because I’m scared and it just do not appeal to me. I’m curious at the same time I’m not that motivated (even without the book slump). It’s for the same reason I’ve been neglecting books that even though I heard quite a handful of praises, I kind of disregarded it because, well, I’m just flatly not interested.

For readers of this genre, is it scary? Do imagination and description enough to produce the same reaction as when you watch a movie? Or is it a different experience? Are movie/television/visual formats have more advantage? What do you think are certain elements that could only work visually? And those could only work on books? This is really got me interested.

Maybe I should try reading Anna Dressed in Blood and see what the fuss is all about. And maybe it might change my view. And since it’s almost Halloween, it’s very theme appropriate right?