Author: Lauren Kate
Series: (Fallen #4)
Published: June 12th 2012
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Categories: Fantasy, Paranormal

Yes! It’s done. It’s finish. It’s over. Gosh, what a relief.

Confession time, I liked Fallen (but I think my taste has drastically changed from that time). But the next books in the series, namely Torment and Passion dragged my good impression of the series downhill. Torment was just ok and Passion was…redundant. I didn’t like the time traveling shenanigans Luce and Daniel did in the third book. It was repetitive and most were unnecessary (because the bottom-line was they found and loved each other in every lifetime). Honestly? I’m not really excited to read this book but I wanted to extract myself from the series. I wanted to liberate myself from it. I wanted to get it over with. I have enough of this sappy love affair.

But the sappy love affair is not yet done. I have to buckle my seat-belt because it’s another bumpy road ahead.

Ok, I skimmed several pages so take what I have to say with a grain of salt. I was bored and just wanted to reach the end and see what happens to the lovebirds. I know it’s going to be a happy ending. But what sort of happy ending will they get is what I was bit curious about. And yes, Cam too. I’m interested on his fate. What will happen to him after all this? If there’s one person—no scratch that he is the only character here that matters to me. I couldn’t care less if Daniel and Luce die. And you know what makes me sad; he didn’t have a solid ending. He just went there and fly… I’m not kidding he just gone to a place who knows where. (And when someone asked where he was, nobody answered. Talk about dodging the question.)

I didn’t dwell with the entire Lucifer thingy and his agenda of rewriting history and some evil stuff. Or Lucinda real role in all of it. Did it surprise me that she has a connection with Lucifer? Not really. The fact is, I’m sad (and pissed) that this girl didn’t even grow. Not even an inch. She relied too much on Daniel. She always needed his support, his encouragement. They both depend too much on each other. They are lovers, true but they’re still two individuals who are capable to think for themselves.

And when I finally got the chance to know the very beginning of their relationship, I have a difficult time preventing myself from facepalming (or headdesk). She was originally meant for someone else. But she couldn’t let herself do what that person wanted her to do. It’s against their design or something. He left her and then she was moping in the corner when Daniel went to her. Confessed that he has been stalking watching her. Then they kissed and that’s it.

Sarcasm aside, there’s too much lurveee here but it wasn’t heartfelt. So in a few words: it was unromantic.

The ending was wrapped up nicely. They finally got what they want, even though they were warned that there was a possibility that they might not see each other again and that was their last chance. But we know they will see each other so they took a risk and chose that option. And from the get-go it was obvious that it’ll take the happy-ever-after route. The beginning of the journey was fun but it was a very exhausting journey. I’m just glad that it was over.