I decided to do some shout-outs for the manga I read but I’ll divided them into two categories: shoujo (or josei) and shounen (or seinen). I’m going to do shoujo first since Hana to Yume & Margaret titles new chapters are released. I’ve already read the latest chapters so I might as well give my opinion on it (more like ramblings but let me pretend that I’m a clever fangirl even for just a minute) on the latest development.

Akatsuki no Yona (Chapter 95). It’s Jaeha’s time. The entire chapter was about his past. No translation yet so I don’t understand what really is happening but from what I gather, he has a bad relationship with this guy who raised him. Despite that he (I think) cares for him. He can easily escape from him, yet he accepted the beatings he got from him. And from the looks of it he wasn’t really a complete bad guy, after all he still raised Jaeha after he found him abandoned when he was still a baby. It was a good chapter, still waiting for the official translation though. (I already gave up the scans, the chapters are backlog).

Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Chapter 74). GAAAAAH! Banzai Mamura and Suzume!!! Finally a proper date between the two of them. It’s so adorable how the two of them are alike. They were both conflicted on what hairdo to wear for the date. I’m kinda little annoyed that they went the similar place as Shishio (not that I hate the man; my love for Mamura is so ginormous that I’m putting my all out support for him). But since this is a date, swoon-worthy moments were to expect. I’m both happy and sad that Suzume is honest of her feelings. She couldn’t completely forget about the shishio (that’s given) but at the same time her feelings for Mamura is definitely growing. The ending gives hopes for the other team, but, please, don’t break him apart too soon (it’ll break me too).

Koi Dano Ai Dano (Chapter 30). Asfhdkfglfdkl;hlj;g!!!! I’m so fangirling over KDAD latest chapter because it was so awesome. So it’s Tsubaki’s birthday, I’ve been wanting to know what is Nadeoko’s birthday gift for him (I bet if she just gave him just peck on the cheek, it’ll make him immensely happy). But she gave him like train ticket or something (I didn’t expect that). But what truly surprise me was Yabuki. After Sayuri saw the president smiling, she immediately rushed to Hijiri to tell him (man, news flies fast in this school, I swear!). So I thought she will tell Tsubaki about it. Then I also remember about their lunch date and once again it showed a different scenario than what I had in mind (it’s so hard to predict this series!). It wasn’t, how should I put it, interesting maybe aside from the question on who she would like to date (Tsuabki to the rescue and warding off the options LMAO). But the ending and well, the blushing made it all worth the wait. I wonder how she’ll approach the president after that confession. I’m excited but I have to wait ‘til October for the next chapter. *sighs*

Skip Beat! (Chapter 215). *swipe forehead* I’m glad that this whole Heel sibling shenanigans is over. And too bad I need to wait a bit more to see my Sho this time but I’m going to hang on because me loves that dude. But it’s safe to say that the arc is now over and we have brand new one on the horizon. I think I ranted before that the author is stalling about Kyoko’s past. We don’t know anything about her family except that her mom was pretty strict. And with the upcoming chapter will get enlighten about Kyoko’s relationship with her mom. Although I’m still pinning on the idea that I’ll get to see Sho since we are talking about Kyoko’s background and he is a very part of her past. Oooooh, interesting turn of events I must say!

And please make them officially a couple already. It’s been 200+ chapters; give your patient readers something delightful, ne sensei? *begs*

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