As promised (who did I promise to? Ah, never mind.) Here’s my shout-out for the shounen series I follow. Lots of plot twist and reveals just happened. I’m only highlighting the four series I do follow (I think I mentioned it already before). For weekly series: Naruto, Haikyuu!, Tokyo Ghoul and Gintama (and might have mentioned Shingeki at the last bit). There’s going to be lot of rambling, as Kishimoto once again is pulling my leg with this annoying, frustrating plot twist (like we didn’t see the possibility! Of course we did.)

Naruto / Chapter 692: I was so excited for this chapter. I really thought that Kishi will put a bit of a breather after the long drawn out and pretty exhausting battles. Chapter 691 was bittersweet chapter with Naruto bid farewell to his father and telling him things that he wanted his mother to know about him (if he did follow what she said. True to Naruto’s personality, he didn’t but he is trying his best). Ok, so maybe I was banking on freeing the rest of alliance from infinite tsukuyomi. And when that time was about to happen, BAM, Sasuke dropped the bomb telling he’s going to kill the kages and put up a revolution. Ugh, this reminds me why I hate this dude. I take back all I said before, his character is the worst! Nothing he can do that will redeem him. Nada! I think many fans are already expecting the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. Not that I didn’t expect it but I thought Kishi will try to weave loose threads before this, but it happened, in what, a few minutes after they fought one strong person after the other. My only wish, ok, I’m begging, that Naruto kill Sasuke this time. I mean, permanently end him. It’s not that Sasuke’s goal is evil but for someone who has dark ambition and means, I don’t think he can create an ideal world and maintain it, when he supplements his objectives with such a dark method.

But let’s wait and see. Naruto is taking a break next week (yes, such good timing when left things at that. But patience, peeps, patience.)

Haikyuu! / Chapter 125: Karasuno vs Wakunan has finally reached its conclusion and my babies won. I expected them to win. If we follow the sports manga rules that is. One official defeat is pretty much enough to boost their morale and motivation to win on their next battles. This chapter just showed the after effect of their games. Enoshita is pretty bummed with his play. He had lots of misses and he didn’t like his performance. I think Yamaguchi is also not happy with what has happened with his serve (after all he got almost scolded by Ukai). I think this fight is a turning point for other side characters, that although they aren’t regulars putting their 120% on the fight regardless of who they are against with or how long they are in the court are vital. Even Hinata thinks he didn’t match up with the guy that has the same play as the ‘little giant’ that he greatly idolizes.

Seijo vs. Dateko match is heating up and it looks like whoever won will be Karasuno next opponent. I have hunch that Seijo will win this time and they will get their revenge against Seijo on the next. But it’s really funny, how Hinata cheers for Aone. It shows that he likes Dateko better than Seijo. ;D

Tokyo Ghoul / Chapter 142: Oh my gosh, how is it possible that every time Sui-sensei put something on his story it will always leave me overwhelmed. That folks is what makes a story so incredibly good. I believe each arc of Tokyo Ghoul just keeps better and better.

Anyways, did I already mention how freaking strong Arima is? After he stabbed Kaneki in the head (and if you’re asking whether Kaneki is ok or not, I also don’t know, he still wasn’t shown in this chapter.) he went and kill some more. My gawd, he’s not human at all. He’s too strong. Now that I don’t like that; that there are humans that could par on ghouls, but for me, it just shows that ghouls are not all that predatory as we initially perceived. Arima, who’s human, is a proof that he can make these ghouls play at the palm of his hand. But it’s not just Arima’s beautiful panel after panel fight but that last three pages rendered me speechless. One, we finally found out who is the real one-eyed ghoul and it was complete shocker to me. Eto, Kaneki’s favorite author is actually these infamous half-ghoul. No wonder she can enter CCG without a problem. And the second shocker albeit sad news is the CCG’s report on casualties; and did I just see Amon on the list of fatalities. My gosh, what did Tatara do? I’m excited, nervous and still breathing hard. This people is Tokyo Ghoul greatness!

Gintama / Chapter 509: I anticipated a showdown between Gin and perhaps Abuto but that didn’t happen. But it did shed some light on Hattori, Saratobi and Shogun’s relationship back when they were still kids. I’m also glad that Okita is now ok, despite bedridden (he did get some heavy blows from Kamui so getting hospitalized is far better result than–I don’t even wanna think about it). Abuto now knows about the shogun and Hattori is in a freaking mess. I’m not really a big fan of his, but hot damn, is that really his last? But then Sa-chan arrives. And this woman is starting to get my highest respect. She’s shining so much in this arc. She ain’t just Gin-chan’s stalker no more. She’s an incredibly strong shinobi. Props to Sorachi and this awesome character development from her (after 500 chapters though, it’s better late than never).


Shingeki no Kyojin / Chapter 62: Short and sweet: finally the politics related plot just ended and we’re getting the titan ass kicking back soon but first, please save Eren. How could he treat him like this?!

Whew, that was longer than I thought. And I’m trying to restraint myself. 😛