Even though my all-time favorites are mostly from the shounen genre, I’m still this silly girl who adores slice of life/romance series every now and then. When I came back I was completely surprised on how many great series serializing right now. I was easily fallen in love with ‘em. And that’s huge for me because I’m quite picky. I tend to love shoujo series that are mellow with bit of humor and the development of the couple is gradual. So I’m so happy to have read series like Hibi Chouchou, Hirunaka no Ryuusei (Gawd, I’m in love with this series! Mamura and Suzume must happen!) and now Rere Hello (why, the couple are so adorable >.<).

I know there was this dude who said what it felt to me as reprimanding attitude towards adult reading young adult. But seriously, I really don’t bother with these kinds of opinions. I enjoy what I want and for me reading slice of life shoujo manga makes me happy. Isn’t that what is important? I don’t want to pretend to read those hard stuff if I don’t enjoy it. These stories makes me smile, swoon and most of all enjoy. The great thing as an adult reader is I get to understand the different age demographic now. Because I was once at that age so I know; reminiscing is good once in a while.

Sneak peek of my favorites finished series (sans Skip Beat!). Left to right: Honey and Clover, Ouran Host Club, Skip Beat!, Fruits Basket, Lovely Complex, Dengeki Daisy.

So because I’m in the mood with reminiscing, I’ll share you some of my favorite shoujo (one josei) series. I was rewatching Honey & Clover and this sparked this post.

Honey & Clover (Hachimitsu to Clover). I loved this series! I cried, laughed, empathized with the characters, mostly with Takemoto. When I watched it, I was in the same place as him. A person who was completely (I think I’m still is) lost. This is a good series that I highly recommend; love stories that not necessarily requited (but I’m positive for Nomiya and Ayu because asdfggfghklj; Nomiya was made for her!) and an ending that didn’t look like one. (Plus the OST of this is so amazing, the songs made the moments in the anime stood out more.)

Lovely Complex. Funny series! Sometimes the guy you fall for is not the ideal guy. I mean, Otani is short boy, Koizumi is tall girl. People even called comedy duo but even though they were unlikely pair, I loved how they became a couple. Who cares if the guy is shorter nobody understands her better than Otani!

Fruits Basket. I loved this series. I remember I was cursing my class schedule because it overlaps with the time it was airing here. But post anime is so much better. Like Honey & Clover it brought lots of emotion out of me. This is what I love with Takaya-sensei’s story; it was subtle but lots of impact.

Ouran High School Host Club. This is so funny, it just enjoyable from beginning to end. And while I liked Tamaki and Haruhi as a couple, I was silently shipping Kyoya and Haruhi, too (and maybe Hikaru as well). It’s reverse harem, I’m bound to get confused! But seriously the ending was really nice. A spot is well deserved in my all-time faves.

Dengeki Daisy. Ok so, Kyousuke Motomi is a girl (sensei, you had confused me, don’t refer yourself as a guy anymore!). But to the topic, I’ve been a fan of Motomi’s work even before I read Dengeki Daisy, but of course I fell in love with this one much more. And every time I hear Time After Time, it reminds me of the couple.

And then of course there’s Skip Beat but I already featured it here (and it isn’t complete yet). 😀

Do you also read/watch shoujo manga/anime? What are your favorites? Would you like to share it with me?


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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Oh man do we have the same taste in shoujo – I clearly need to get to the series you’ve been reading lately (and was it you who told me I need to get on Kimi ni assap?) if you’re favs are any indication!

  2. I don’t normally read long manga series–I’m more of a oneshot/single-volume kind of reader. 🙂 If there’s a long series that has an anime, I’d just watch. >_<

    Lovely Complex (the anime) was so adorable! I loved Otani and Koizumi so much. T_T

    Fruits Basket… I watched a bit of the anime and really enjoyed it, but I haven't been feeling like finishing the series.

    Ouran was not enjoyable for me. 🙁 Maybe the manga's different? I feel like I'm one of the only people who thought the anime was bad. ._.

    Dengeki Daisy–I downloaded volume on of the manga! I'll definitely try reading it when I have time. 🙂

    • Mitchii G. says:

      I’m so happy you’re going to read Dengeki Daisy. It’s one of my favorites. You should try reading long series, too. There are many good ones today. xD

  3. I’m mainly a fan of shounen anime too, but that’s based on what little manga I’ve read, lol. But like you, I DO have a girly side even if it doesn’t appear often, so yay for more lovey-dovey romance stories!

    Honey & Cover: Can’t say that the cover art impresses me that much, but that’s me being judgemental as usual. Takemoto sounds really relatable too, and if the OST is awesome, I’ll only end up loving the series all the more. <3

    Lovely Complex: Based on your description — the whole short guy, tall girl thing — I can tell it's going to be pretty funny. And hey, I actually think couples like that are kind of adorable, in a weird sort of way! Good romance is always a plus in my book, no matter the situation.

    Fruits Basket: I *think* I heard about this from Cayce (Fighting Dreamer), and it was one of her favorite series too. And oh my gosh, anime airs in the Philippines? JEALOUS. Even though I don't have cable at home (I rely mostly on the internet), I don't think there's a channel that airs newly released animes. And the bookstores don't sell English manga, either. Ugh.

    Ouran High School Host Club: Lesley told me about this one! I'm pretty cynical when it comes to romances, as you probably know, but she thinks I'll enjoy this one so I have high hopes. And now I'm curious about this super nice ending.

    Thanks for sharing, Mitchii! Hoping to be able to watch OHSHC soon. 😀

    • Mitchii G. says:

      H&C’s art is pretty good (don’t judge it from that cover alone xD) and this is a very good josei series. How the characters lives are entangled, it was presented so well.

      We have two anime channels here (then again we’re subscribed) so I got to watch some of them via ‘ol TV but I watch mainly through internet as well. Mangas are available but they aren’t cheap. Far more expensive than books. But a fan gotta do what a fan needs to do. 😀

      And yes watch OURAN!!! LOL

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  5. Christine says:

    Awesome post! I am currently reading the ouran host club series since I loved the anime so much. I will check out the other ones you mentioned in the post 🙂

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