Anime, Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii fangirls over her all-time favorite seinen series! Tokyo Ghoul!!!

I think I also wanted to share to y’all my beloved recent obsession. A series that smacked me with awesomeness over and over again. One that is just too brilliant that I need the proper platform and the proper words to describe the amazing ride that is this story. Are you ready?

Ladies and gents, I present to you TOKYO GHOUL by Sui Ishida.

In my entire otaku experience, I have never read something so amazing, it always leave dumbfounded. The story maneuvered these certain aspects into something deeper, something intricate. I have never experienced reading a story so keen with small details. I have never experienced where the author subtlety challenged me to hypothesize clues he left in his story. It was astounding. It was intense. It is just too awesome for words. I couldn’t even describe it properly (obviously, I’m now running out of adjectives.)

I’m a college student who likes to read, like you could find anywhere…I’m not the protagonist of a novel or anything. But if, for argument’s sake, you were to write a story with me in the lead role…it would certainly be a tragedy.

Let me break this fangirling post into several parts and hopefully by the end of it, I have convinced you to try it.

What is Tokyo Ghoul?

Tokyo Ghoul is—

A Tragedy.


If you are those who always wait for silver lining in stories, regardless of the genre then prepared your hearts to be obliterated with feels because Kaneki’s story is definitely full of struggles and pains (both emotional, psychological and physical). Kaneki’s life changed when an accident occurred to him forcing him to undergo an operation that leads him to become part ghoul. Ghouls are creatures that eat human flesh (basically human). Anything, aside from coffee is inedible to them. Now adapting to his new life, one that questions whether he accepts this new part of him but still faithful to his other half is indeed a struggle. How he will manage to live as both human and ghoul. One entity from two completely different worlds.

When I followed the sentences in the books my father had been reading, it felt like I was having a conversation with my dead father. It was strangely calming.

Trivia: Kaneki is a bookworm. He reads a lot of books. The reason why he started reading was because of his father, who also a big bookworm as well. I think I saw Kaneki reading Scarlet Letter by C.W. Lewis.

Emotional .

It’s like the author had my feelings in the palm of his hands and free to do whatever he pleases. The characters pains are just too close for comfort. I’m completely invested with several characters (more heavily to the MC, Kaneki) and the lives of these characters were not easy. But what I loved the most that these people are trying their best to rectify it. Not brooding and not pretending. They mean what they said! And they will do!


I mean it is literally violent and emotionally as well because how many times did it crush my heart? So many times. But I’m going to be very literal in this point, it is very violent. The stuff that Kaneki had to endure is no walk in the park. It was bloody, painful and anguishing. I don’t like violence for the sake of violence but I think what makes this apart from the rest is that these things were presented in a way that is relevant to the story and most especially to the character. It’s not there to elicit shock (although you will be) or to purposely show “hey it’s badass since character’s stabbing someone and it’s spilling blood!” Goodness, no, it’s not childish like that. For a seinen series, the action scenes are more than afterthought but less significant to what it wanted to really convey, or what to highlight for that matter. But I enjoy the badassery of this series so no complaints here.

A Challenge.

I have so high respect to Sui Ishida as an author because, to me, it feels like he also respects me as a reader. He challenges me in a way that I’m smart to deduce the clues he left in his story. He uses puns, symbols to relate something in the story. One thing I learned from reading Tokyo Ghoul is that small details are important. So important that Sui-sensei put clues there for us to brainstorm about it. You shouldn’t take the tiny details by face value, because by the end of it you’ll be surprised how it ties to grand scale of things. Oh boy did I learn. I learned the hard way.
Just like Kaneki’s to his father, it feels like I’m having chess match with him, alas I’m always checkmated. It’s just too hard to predict the story. The plot twists rendered me speechless. Making Tokyo Ghoul awesome!

I have so much to say but I want to share as little as possible. If you’re ready, 12 episode anime was aired recently and it’s going to blow your mind! Tokyo Ghoul is amazing.

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