I wouldn’t say I have huge wanderlust. But I like traveling in some degree! Like a once year gig! Honestly, when I was younger all I ever wanted was to travel to one country and that’s it! that will tick off one of life’s non-existent bucket list! But I became a reader!   And if it weren’t for reading I don’t think I’ll be so much interested to fly outside of my home country! But being exposed to different cultures by virtue of being a reader made me so attracted to “actually” experience them. As in reality! I want to see them, feel it, and have that total real life experience. So yes, reading motivates me to travel!

I used to believe that traveling is very luxurious (well it still is!) Only people from high echelon can do that, not for a mere peasant from small country like moi LOLOL. But even with small budget I got to travel! I started traveling 4 years ago & I’m fortunate to have visited 4 countries now! (I know compare to others my travel history is quite meager). But even with elements stacked against me: bearing a weak passport, or well, moolah—obviously—I still manage to do it! My actual goal now is to travel once every year! Visit those countries that I only get to experience on the pages of the series I read!

When I travel I’m more of a “let’s experience this”, or “I read these stuff lemme try!”   That kind of attitude! Of course seeing places is customary but I think I’m more attracted to feeling it rather than seeing it! Maybe because there’s already a visual representation already, or an idea how it’s like but the realism is what I seek for? Ugh, I can’t really describe it but hopefully you get my point!

That being said traveling still isn’t exactly cheap.  But with the help of internet and careful planning it is now easier to achieve that dream. There something so magical being able to see another country so different from the ones you live in~ People look different than you. Places you don’t know. Language you don’t speak! It is nerve wracking as it is exciting!  I really think it doesn’t have to be super lavish! You can enjoy different culture and that’s what fascinates me the most. Perhaps the tourist spots, but the excitement really came from appreciating something well, foreign and that’s awesome~ Reading doesn’t just allow you to travel through it, it can also pushes you to travel for real~!

How about you? In what ways does reading influence you? Did you have an urge to visit a place that you’ve just read? Leave me some lovin~ by sharing your thoughts or liking this post!