Like the folks say, the only constant in this world is change. And I feel like doing it here!

I was going to name this post, ‘reassessing your brand’ but it sounded so professional and this was anything but. But I was doing some deep pondering for the last few weeks about the direction of this blog.

I think I’m feeling a bit of falling off with book blogging. This is far worse than me being a little bit behind on reading. In my almost five years of book blogging, I never thought I’ll be less enthusiastic to blog. But the atmosphere of the blogosphere before was quite different from what it is now. There are so many blogs out there; I’m just this teeny tiny voice who offers nothing new. Nothing refreshing. Nothing innovative. 😐

But when I began this shindig, it was solely about me putting down my thoughts on books I read and nothing more. Sometimes I wish I remained stagnant to my ideal, and real purpose on why I blog because it was simple and easy to conform. But I also sought maturity because I do want to see improvement in me, whether it’s on my writing or my taste in books.

I never desired popularity but I don’t want to be another face in the crowd as well. I don’t easily succumb to trends. I don’t want to be follower yet I never liked to stand out either. I feel so conflicted because I’m really, really uncomfortable with strangers that’s why I’m satisfied with what I have right now. But it’s not what I want anymore. It felt everyone’s doing something similar and since everyone’s doing that, opting myself out will not leave any dent anyway and with that I made myself rethink lots of things.

I want change. I yearn for it. I want to be more than what I am now but still true to myself and what I am comfortable with. It’s not about being unique but real representation of the things I like. And with that I’m sorting things out, planning stuff and eventually execute these wild ideas in my head. I need it unanimous. I crave harmony. I want to see this in reality soon. 😛

Now, I just need enough time to implement this! (but first, catching up with Kono Oto Tomare!)

Your turn, are you satisfied with how you blog? Have you ever thought of changes, the drastic ones? Care to share your thoughts about it? I’ll listen, promise!