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Author: Amy Tintera Series: (Reboot #1) Expected publication: May 7th...

Author: Amy Tintera
Series: (Reboot #1)
Expected publication: May 7th 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Categories: Fantasy, Science Fiction

I received an eARC from HarperTeen via Edelweiss. Thank you.

Wren Connolly was just a twelve years old girl when she was shot to death. Yes, she died but 178 minutes later she was revived. And this procedure is called rebooting. She’s now a reboot. And depending on how long they died determines on how human they still are. So Wren’s staggering time record made her less human than her other fellow reboots. Making her perfect for the job.

Wren is also responsible training new recruits. Callum who died and resurrected 22 minutes later was her complete opposite. He still possesses some distinct human traits. Traits that she’s now vaguely familiar with but now being brought back again due to her new, albeit annoying trainee.

There’s no doubt that Reboot by Amy Tintera is innovative. I liked her idea of reviving the dead but instead of changing them physically (like an android, robot, etc.), they are altered by manifesting indifference and detached from their human emotions. Isn’t that what makes us human, our emotions?  So in a way they are like robots, following what they were instructed to do. But what makes this more interesting is the catch of being one. That reboots have some sort of level depends on how long they died. Like Wren for example, she’s perfect because she died longer hence making her less human. Callum on other hand is the exact contradiction to her situation. The reason why he’s still acting like human despite being a reboot.

Of course, I knew there’s something wrong with the organization they belong as well as method of rebooting. This is the reason why Wren and the others will retaliate. I have seen it from miles away that there’s going to be something that will make her change her mind. And it’s no solely about Callum and his inability to adapt to their lifestyle. The specific details are just semantics; I got it right off the bat. But needless to say the twist was sort of predictable to me thus losing my interest from the moment I begun.

I also expected that Callum will play as her love interest. Because you know, love is an emotion. And emotion as I said is a component that makes us human. I was really sold with the idea that Callum will reintroduce her on how to feel like a human again. Falling in love with him is foreseeable event. It is a mean to an end. I was sold with the idea that while they’re training she will see the human qualities that she almost lost because of being a reboot. But what I never expected that it will revolves too much on that aspect. Actually there are times that while she was still in this coldest state she still displays human emotion. I would have liked it if the process was gradual. She falls too fast and hard with Callum. Made me question: if she’s really the perfect fighter what I originally thought she was.

But it goes without saying that Reboot was undeniably entertaining, fast-paced and original. I may have complained a few things but doesn’t make it less than what it is. It has flaws but really bearable, and as whole there’s doubt in my mind that many readers will really like this one.

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