Graphic Novels / In which Mitchii recommends Hatsu Haru!
The type of shoujo that makes Mitchii giddy! I present you the whole gang of Hatsu Haru!

The type of shoujo that makes Mitchii giddy! I present you the whole gang of Hatsu Haru!

If you didn’t know I love shoujo romantic plot where the guy is the one who is madly in love with the girl or if the guy is the one who falls in love first. Plus point if the heroine is oblivious about it. I don’t know, I like the chase & I love the guy to suffer a little bit (needs to work his ass off to make her fall in love) that’s why this series hit me right in the kokoro!

Hatsu Haru 「ハツ*ハル」 by Fujisawa Shizuki is a fairly new series (I think less than 20 chapters are out in Japan, the last one I read was 17) revolves around a guy who is a player that finally met his match with a girl who he found first as annoying childhood acquaintance until that moment that made him realize that there’s more than meets the eye with this sorta tomboyish classmate of his. Underneath her tough exterior is girl who is madly in love—with their teacher. And he witnessed it all!

This is so cute, I love how that moment when he suddenly fell for her (although he doesn’t understand it first & quite in denial because of all the girls, she was the one who will tame her?) There are so many adorable moments here. I liked how he tried to be with her subtlety but the girl never see herself as his love interest so she takes everything with a grain of salt; & I can’t blame her especially how their interacted at the beginning. Oh my, I was giddy when the guy wanted to ask her to see the fireworks but don’t want to be obvious about it so he tried to prolong their task so he can they go together (like they can segue to it, that way not only he can be with her, they can see the fireworks like lovers/date). Or when he was holding his hands & reasoned her with the “so they can’t be separated/lost.” Oh my, oh my, these kids make me so young~!

The guy (Kai) is a very likeable character, he’s not that player you usually see in shoujo with all the angst & family drama (actually it’s the girl’s issue but she isn’t too dramatic). In fact, I love his family; he had fun loving family: his sister, his nephews & his parents! So much fun!

Actually everything about him makes you root for him pretty bad! Oh man, just be honest! (but then again he was at first considering her feelings (she loved the teacher!). I want his HEA pretty bad!

So if you like me who love “guy who falls in love first” then try Hatsu Haru. No cross that if you want a fun, cute and refreshing shoujo then try it. You’ll love it!